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I too enjoy reading Western media instead of experiencing things first-hand.

You do realize that Tibetan independence was never recognized by any country, right? Not even the British.

Do you understand Tibetan history up to that point? At least it’s no longer a serfdom system (which Tibetan advocates will say was equal because of the one-in-a-million chance that one of the peasants can become the Dalai Lama and that everyone was totally happy because everyone was working towards bettering Buddhism). How many Tibetan refugees do you know who experienced serfdom?

Why would Ford care when it can just petition the US government to block the sale of Chinese cars? It’s the same thing Boeing did to block Bombardier sales in the US.

If you feel like giving China a domestic supply of O&G so they can switch their coal plants to gas ones, be my guest.

That’s been the single greatest contributor to reduced emissions in North America and Europe over the past few decades.

Tell me you haven’t read the Communist Manifesto without telling me you haven’t read the Communist Manifesto.

China is moving faster on renewables than every other country. China is moving faster on EVs than every other country.

Who’s not changing?

Then why have a peace blueprint in the first place? By your description, Ukraine has no reason whatsoever to ask for peace. Why propose a peace blueprint?

That’s not the point. The point is whether Ukraine’s peace plan makes sense in the context of the current situation in Ukraine. It doesn’t, and frankly it’s an indication that Ukraine really doesn’t want peace right now because they dont think they have the leverage to demand a fair peace.

China is still leading in solar, wind, nuclear, and hydro deployment…

I’m sure China would be happy to harness geothermal too, but they don’t really have dense geothermal capacity to exploit.

Isn’t that less efficient because of motor losses, drag, etc? It’s also heavily dependent on geography.

Because on a per-capita basis, you still outpollute China by a factor of at least 2?

Because unlike China, your government moves incredibly slowly and needs more momentum to actually accomplish change?

Most of China’s increased electricity demand is to bring poor people who are currently farming in rural fields into urban jobs within big cities. It’s to help meet the growing demand of a population that currently has:

  1. 296 cars/1000p (US: 908/1000p)

  2. 73.7% Internet connectivity (US: 92%)

  3. Limited heating capacity because of very little natural gas supply (US: this basically isn’t a problem because the US has infinite gas reserves)

  4. Rolling blackouts in the summer because of AC use since China and other countries that make up the Global South have been disproportionately affected by climate change (US: this isn’t really a problem)

But yes, please feel free to blame the rich… but please don’t ignore the fact that you ARE the rich.

Dude isn’t wrong: fossil fuels are just really good for a bunch of industrial operations. Doesn’t stop China from leading the world in the manufacture and deployment of solar panels, manufacture and deployment of wind turbines, development and deployment of nuclear power plants, development and deployment of hydroelectric power plants…

Fun fact: The Moscow Times is majority-owned by a Chinese businessman.

China doesn’t actually want a war, nor do they want to give any indication that they want to escalate tensions.

China stands the most to gain in a peaceful world order where they never have to use their military. Their military doctrine is defensive in nature, as is their nuclear doctrine (which, contrary to US/Russian policy, explicitly prohibits first-strike capability).

With a peaceful world order, relations with Taiwan can be normalized and the economy can continue to grow without impediment. Without the threat of encirclement and invasion, China doesn’t have much means to justify their military budget (given that they are already regionally superior and have no real global power projection capability) and would see much more domestic backlash to their rapidly expanding military. China’s core domestic geographical goals are to secure a more robust supply of O&G, secure the Himalayas as their southern border against potential Indian aggression, and prevent Xinjiang from devolving into a humanitarian crisis as it tries to integrate the (previously) predominantly rural Xinjiang population into the urbanized world that China has created.

When US-China relations were better back in 2018, the US even helped Chinese interests by striking ETIM training camps near the border between China and Afghanistan.