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Thanks for the explanation. Really appreciate it.

What’s plasma ? Is it a browser? Sorry, I dont understand computers

What happens to the content when a Lemmy server is decommissioned?
Checked Fediverse Observer and whole bunch of server has been decommissioned because of which users can't login and because they can't login , Lemmy is losing active users. Any plans to fix this ? I am more concerned about the content thats lost.

I think Lemmy devs should add points. Some people like to collect internet points :D

This was not the case when I was using Eternity

Goddamnit I missed out again, faaaackkk! Why do i keep using Firefox ? Why?

No issues here as long as you season the cast iron pan properly. All acidic food can be cooked without any issues.

Do checkout this brand “bata”. I was told that these are better than kuru.

Nice. I’ll look into it. I need a good pair myself. Thanks

I’ve used this but prefer cast iron as they are much durable than ceramic.

Bidet is a total game changer. I understood its real value during covid when people where fighting for TP lol

Never heard of Clevo. Will check it out thanks

I’ve heard that countertop dishwasher are a real pain to maintain ?

what are some of the best purchases you've made ?
I bought cast iron pan which I think is the best ever purchase I made.

Yea they will only move if WhatsApp fucks something badly.

Diet is really important. Eat light breakfast such as museli, oats etc, lean meat, egg for lunch and dinner. And A little exercise is all you need.

Funny Repair Youtube channels?
Hi Guys, I've been following Louis Rossman and Rich Rebuilds on YouTube. I love their videos , do you know other youtubers who make similar content and are also Funny ?

Same android phone , same apps but one drains battery faster.
As the title say, I have 2 android phones , both factory reset and logged in with google accounts. Checked the dns logs on both- Phone 1 connects to google server but is minimal Phone 2 is going bonkers, connecting to google server , xtracloud server etc. Phone 2 battery drops 5% in a hour and phone 1 doesnt drain at all. Which bring me to the conclusion that phone battery draining has something to do with google accounts as phone 1 google account has fake name and details but other has real name and also a phone number linked to that account. Please feel free to correct me. Thanks

Can someone please explain why not to use Brave browser ?
https://privacytests.org rate Brave as the best browser.