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Biden admin would rather kill us all than admit they picked a fight they can’t win.

It seems like a really minor nitpick to me. Putin obviously met with African leaders already, so it’s not like photo is fake. There will be another meeting in a few months, so it’s not like the tweet is misrepresenting the situation in the grand scheme of things.

No idea why they used the particular picture, but there’s nothing false about the statement in the tweet.

African delegations from 40 countries are in Russia right now, it doesn’t say all African presidents are in Russia.This is also reported by TASS https://tass.com/politics/1590375

Also, wasn’t Putin receiving Xi today?

The tweet literally says:

Putin is also scoring big on global diplomacy. Meetings with Africa, followed by Xi Jinping’s 3-day visit!

What are you claiming is not true?

We have had this exact discussion many times on this site. I have provided you with detailed explanations and numerous references from western media and western researches explaining how and why US created the conditions for the war. The RAND paper I linked earlier clearly details the motivation and the methods US would use to provoke Russia into war in Ukraine.

Yet, despite all this, you continue insisting that Russia invaded Ukraine unprovoked and that US had no role in creating this conflict. What you are supposed to do is educate yourself on this subject or avoid spreading misinformation.

All of your “points” have been repeatedly addressed many times on this site. Yet, you continue shamelessly lying about the situation. Why do you keep doing this?

This war literally wouldn’t be happening if not for US ambitions to encircle and weaken Russia.

I was saying that HramonyOS is a fork of Android. Linux is obviously a separate story from that. And here are a couple of article about China ditching Windows for a homegrown Linux distro

This is a national security concern for China, so I expect there will be a sustained push to move everything to homegrown platforms.

It’s actually happening. HuaWei pretty much switched to their own HarmonyOS that’s been forked from Android, and China has an initiative to replace Windows with Linux on the desktop as well.

Yeah, it’s promising and even MacOs numbers are a positive because it takes away from the Windows share. I think the future is looking up for Linux if these trends continue.

Are you able to name three daily life assets you own, made in US? Just wondering what economy other than war and fossils you are even referring to.

I dunno, is US good starting WW3 because it needs to keep provoking Russia?