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it’s the result of the selection pressures inherent in the capitalist system because profitability is the sole fitness function that the company is evaluated on. Capitalism rewards psychopathic behaviour since people have to be willing to exploit others to become successful. Anybody who would try to run an ethical company would quickly find it impossible to compete with business owners who are willing to brutally exploit their workers.

yeah it’s kinda gross to see how current oligarchs in Russia try to shamelessly appropriate Soviet legacy they helped destroy, fuck those guys

A great read, the point regarding lack of meaningful organization around common goals can’t be stressed enough. Liberal world view convinced majority of the people to view everything from an individualist perspective, and this is at odds with building actual political power.


These findings have major implications for understanding the ‘Euromaidan’ and the origins of the violent conflict in Ukraine and the conflicts between Russia and Ukraine and between Russia and the West. This false-flag massacre led to the de facto Western-backed violent overthrow of the Ukrainian government, which spiraled into the annexation of Crimea by Russia, the civil war, and Russian military interventions in Donbas.

Indeed, it was really amazing to see the mental gymnastics people were doing to avoid reconciling the simple fact that Europe now has much higher energy prices.

I recall people confidently telling me I was horribly misinformed about the state of German economy when I said there would be a crash just a few months ago.

Basically, China is doing all the heavy lifting in global transition from fossil fuels and we are incredibly lucky that the west decided to move all the manufacturing to China. There is no realistic hope that the west will do anything more than pay lip service and run greenwash initiatives. China is the only hope humanity has to survive the climate crisis.

Ah yes, the same tech that killed over a thousand animals in horrific ways just recently is going to be implanted in humans. What could possibly go wrong.

Ideally Russia should be able to produce everything it needs domestically, but trade has been an important part of the economy. We’ll see if Russia will just continue being a commodity exporter or will finally start developing domestic industry now.

Well, trade between Russia and China is over 200 billion now, so I expect more of that. China basically replaced all the western tech that Russia relied on, and became the biggest export market. China is the main reason Russian economy is currently showing growth.

Yup, BRICS is going to become a huge economic powerhouse going forward.

That’s a really good observation, China is much more willing to actually share their technology with the world.

not sure about that one, I’m guessing if there’s a CME event then a lot :)