I wonder if in my attempt to be vaguely clever I’ve dug a much more significant hole than if I’d just been patient…

Apparently the Third head of the Hydra, Memelord of Qo’nos (according to people on !risa@startrek.website thanks guys)

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It might be a different app in the entirety. I’m not entirely sure

Check out the community here:


Infinity for Lemmy goes by Eternity now

That isn’t a lemmy client… do you mean Lemmy-UI (the default UI)?

Sync is pretty cool, it just works so smoothly!

I personally use Photon, and it’s PWA is pretty good

They’re like Pokémon cards,gotta catch em all!

Oh I thought you meant something to do with actual sock puppets, like made of socks

Yeah, personally for the web UI I prefer the also open-source Photon but whatever floats your boat!

I’m not sure which I find funnier, the fact some people are using the other option to put Sync or the one that just says “YOUR MOM”

What you want is Photon

Here is the link for the web version hosted: https://phtn.app

Here is the link to self host: https://github.com/Xyphyn/photon

If you don’t use a client then you can’t access Lemmy, the website is considered a client (Lemmy-UI)

Just an interesting note, I see a lot of talk about Avalon in the comments being amazing but not as many votes as other clients. It seems pretty new, but already has a loyal userbase. Wish it was on Android so I could check it out!

I used Infinity for a while on Reddit, it’s pretty cool!

Kbin is a different server software entirely that can communicate with Lemmy, but isn’t Lemmy

Artemis is an app which talks to Lemmy to display the posts

This is a really bad explanation, but it’s kinda like comparing Outlook and Gmail vs Email and IRC or SMS

What Lemmy Client(s) Do You Use?
I was wondering, with all the different Lemmy clients and frontends, what/which out of these do people actually use? To answer this, I made [a poll](https://strawpoll.com/wby5A21R1yA) if anyone wants to fill it out, and I tried to put every client I could find.

Ecosia, the search engine that plants trees, will donate all profits on September 13th (tomorrow) to victims of the recent Moroccan earthquake
cross-posted from: https://ls.buckodr.ink/post/338745 >Ecosia is great in general, they've done stuff like this before for wildfires and such, and they are carbin negative and use 100% of their profits for helping the planet > > The search engine is also pretty good too!

How to make a post with a GIF actually post the gif when viewing through lemmy-ui
Whenever I make a post with a link to a gif as the URL, the post on clients like Sync, Liftoff, and Photon all actually show the .gif file in the post so it will play correctly. Whenever I view the post on lemmy-ui (the basic UI) though, sometimes it has some .webm file that was created on the original instance, and to actually get the gif to play you have to click on that or click on the link to the original website. How do I get the behavior on other clients to be the same for lemmy-ui, so the gifs will actually play? it Example: [Photon Working](https://phtn.app/post/lemmy.world/4858883) [Lemmy UI Not Working](https://lemmy.ml/post/4750678) [Lemmy UI Working](https://ls.buckodr.ink/post/298066) Edit: I don't think it's size, since [this](https://startrek.website/post/1533530) gif is smaller in size than [this one](https://startrek.website/post/1498301) Also, here are my .env variables: PICTRS__MEDIA__VIDEO_CODEC=vp9 PICTRS__MEDIA__GIF__MAX_WIDTH=512 PICTRS__MEDIA__GIF__MAX_HEIGHT=512 PICTRS__MEDIA__GIF__MAX_AREA=262144 PICTRS__MEDIA__GIF__MAX_FRAME_COUNT=500 I increased the values from default to see if that would fix it but no luck

Delete Cached Images
Is there a way to delete the cached images saved on a hosted Lemmy instance to free up storage?

Why does Linux run so well on ARM
I've seen people talking about it and experienced it myself with a server, but why does Linux run so well on ARM (especially compared to Windows)?