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Cars are for unrefined masses. Men of culture prefer trains and piblic trasportation.

Pipewire is amazing. Linux had issues with Bluetooth audio that Pipewire finally fixed.

It’s in development. I think there is beta functionalty already that you can try.

I like OrganicMaps’ editor more than streetcomplete. I think streetcomplete focuses a lot on things that don’t matter.

Organic maps is my daily driver for navigation and has been since 2 years. It is a great app and improving very rapidly. It’s also a great app for adding POIs to openstreetmap when outside.

Musk Wanted to Spy on Drivers to Defend Tesla from Lawsuits
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They didn’t have to do anything. If Russia had not intervened, Armenia would have lost much more.

You know nothing about the Caucasus. Your timeline is wrong:

  1. Armenia has been occupying Azeri land since the war in the 90s. Azerbaijan could not do anything because Russia supported Armenia.
  2. In 2018 the government of Armenia gets toppled by Pashinyan, a pro-West politician. Russia stops protecting Armenia and in 2020 Azerbaijan moves in to take back Karabakh.
  3. Armenia is crushed in the battle (no surprises there!). This is a very one-sided fight and Armenia has no chance.
  4. Russia steps in at the last minute to save Armenia from total failure. The resulting peace deal is very generous to Armenia given how poorly it did in the battle.

The second Karabakh war happened only because of the 2018 coup in Armenia which gave control of Armenia to a pro-Western government. Without Russian support there was nothing Armenia could do to stop Azerbaijan taking back the land that was stolen in the first Karabakh war.

I’m laying down the complicated geopolitics of Caucasus, which you seem to be completely ignorant of.

Armenia would not have lost Karabakh if it wasn’t for their desire to move closer with the West 🤣

Azerbaijan has more than 3 times the number people Armenia has. In addition Azeris have oil/gas and a strong ally in Turkey. Armenia’s hopelss militaty situation is a given. They can’t win any fight. The only thing they have going is Russia’s support. Without Russian support Armenia is in a very bad spot.

In fact the only reason the 2020 war happened is that Azeris correctly predicted that Russian support for Armenia is not what it used to be, given Pashinyan’s desire to flirt with the West.

Wouldn’t you lose a lot of quality during decode/encode?