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US military video shows moment Russian aircraft intercepts US drone over Black Sea
Showing that Russia is again full of it in their public announcements and also the extremely poor quality of their pilots.

Yes, all kinds of statements are sort of true even if absurd. E.g. CCCP could defuse the South Sea situation by stopping resistance and finally capitulating to the Republic of China (also known as Taiwan).

Bibbidi bobbidi it’s now US property. Not sure what they can do with it though.

Share something from an unbiased source.

That’s a bit of a rich comment considering that you posted the original link to a very biased source.

Debunked for instance here:

Why does the “leftist” spread Russian Federation’s propaganda? It’s a country that is about as far from a leftist political ideology as is possible.

Can you think of a perspective more extreme, more anti-russian than your own?

Sure, that’s easy as my perspective is rather mild, considering recent events. Here goes:

Russia is so evil that it should be immediately nuked, regardless of what the consequences would be.

(that went to the deep end, when the spirit of the question is perhaps to find more nuance – there’s certainly a lot of space between my answer above and my actual position)

It’s a test of whether your view is an extreme view or a moderate one.

Good test, generally speaking! It seems my actual view is rather moderate: I want this large and relatively powerful country not to bully its neighbors and generally increase violence in the world, and now that it is already doing that, it should immediately stop doing it.

Russia, and only Russia could stop the war right now, but they refuse to do so every hour of every day. So their list of sins is growing larger and larger. Not only are they fucking up Ukraine, but also the whole planet by forcing almost everyone to pointlessly put even more resources into military.