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When this asklemmy question pops up the next time again, asking What are your saved posts and comments here on lemmy, this one is the one I’m sharing then

How should I start?

Why should I start?

I’m proud of you. Just by the fact that you’re acknowledging it. Thankyou for being a good parent by heart ❤️

If you could give one year of consistent development to any areas of responsibility in your life, which 3 aspect would you choose and why?
For example; cooking skills, time management, relationship with person xyz, sleeping patterns

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Thankyou, my internal child agrees. I’m exhausted. Since a couple months I have a job for the first time where I feel safe, which is awesome.

I’m sad that I’ve never been able to play, like I don’t even know how.that is … I wish I could also have emotional memories of playing like a kid on the playground


I think this one and two others help me the most right now

How can I make use of the time that I spend alone constructively?
I couldn't learn this in teenagehood nor early adolescence so I have to learn it now. I don't want to go into details of my upbringing, but think about a kid living on the streets, growing up only knowing war and survival

Just tilt your phone a bit to the right maybe that helps? 😁

To the people that would consider themselves once having been crazy and now feel sane again - what was the narrative that helped you sort out your mind?
A bit of background; Someone I know told me, sometimes they feel crazy 'cause there are just so incredibly many different narratives and stories in their mind, about all the relationships they're in... they forget who they are themselves sometimes, don't know what to trust and believe so they feel very overwhelmed. Like, they want to trust, but who/what to trust in? Which storyline should they align themself with, again? Or, how can I help them? Maybe not engage in their irrational overthinking, but rather lead them help ground themself by taking care of their physical needs first? Sleep, water, food, exercise, etc Serious answers please. Thankyou! Edit: also, when those needs are met, what topics should they nurture their mind with to grow their mental health?

What's the best vacuum cleaner in your opinion?
I'm looking for a vacuum cleaner that doesn't need dust bags and gets its power from the wall socket with a cord. The suction power has high priority for me Edit: thankyou all for the recommendations, I appreciate it! I realized, although vacuums with bags are in the daily financing more expensive I guess, they are more reasonable to consider in my case

Your best friend - why are they your best friend? What is it that they are doing that you feel like at home with them?
And, how did you get to know them? And how long did it take for you to think of them as your best friend?

What is the best thing that could happen to you this week?
It should be within reasonable range, like e.g. you won't wake up as a Yedi or Superman tomorrow and world hunger won't be solved just in a few days, etc