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Nice, I just did that and that’s exactly what I was looking for. Thanks : )

(Android) Sandboxed Apps with own VPN and Firewall? [solved]
Hi lemmy, Iwant to use specific apps as privately as possible. I'm aware of shelter and the work profile, and I was thinking of using Duolingo or Instagram with fake accounts through a VPN with a killswitch so that it can't associate my data and usage with me. Is that in any way possible? Or am I missing something? I'm running Graphene OS on a Pixel 8 Pro EDIT: Solved, you can do that with user profiles in Graphene

Can you tell me more about the typing experience of the onscreen keyboard?

anyone using a surface tablet?
Hi I'm thinking about getting one and was looking at YouTube videos but none really showed it in use. Like how keyboard works and all that. Does anyone here have experience? Thanks

I think the only thing that changes are the drivers for their laptops and some software fixes for touchpad etc.

It’s a tuxedo. The xp15 gen 11 vor clevo PD50. i7 10th gen and a 2070 max q. And a 4k OLED. Battery life is about 50 min : (

I would LOVE an arm machine, but I need a GPU for work.

I got my eyes on the framework 16. I could leave the GPU at home and go for battery life. Or put it in and go into work mode.

Does anyone have on-screen keyboard experience with Linux tablets?

GNOME Mobile should have a good one after purism started pushing it, right?

Any more info on this?

Have a clevo and it sucks.Battery life is poory And the Fans go off for like no reason