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That dragon, cancer.

A linear story about having a child and loving him and knowing you will lose him to a cancer he is too young to fend off. Based on the devs son.

Utterly heartbreaking, makes you hug your kids.

I appreciate an earnest Devil’s advocacy, but Rogan was better years ago, he even had a mix of political voices.

Now his guests skew significantly right. He’s still friends with Alex Jones, he’s told his audience on the record to vote Republican, as he himself has done, and he has endorsed Ron de Santis this election cycle (despite the many policies Rogan would disagree with). He is hard right now, but dishonest about it, and it lures people into the right wing grift.

You’re getting down-voted because, either you know all this and are cherry picking outdated evidence, or you don’t but you should.

Lol fair, but it scratches an itch that helps me unwind

Inking them is a ritual, I do enjoy that, but more often it’s journaling or studying. It helps with mindfulness

This highlights why the trolley problem is in fact a problem, letting worse things happen is seen as preferable to doing a bad thing. But letting a bad thing happen when it’s guaranteed is kinda like doing that worse thing yourself, you have control through inaction.

I know I’d be riddled with guilt but I hope I’d have the courage to do the bad thing to prevent the worse one

Everyone should do this, let the whale die, small venues and direct to customer sales only

I lol at ticket prices now

They do, a lot of beautiful things on there for sure. There’s an equivalent here but it’s yet to gather enough traction

Something about how fancy French sounds, juxtaposed with how vulgar the insult is, that makes it stick.

Like a guy in a tuxedo, but with his junk out

In English it’s more like a guy at Walmart in sweatpants with his junk out; not that shocking