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Can you try clearing your browser cache and cookies first? It’s fine here

another way, archive.org could help you

Some Anti-DPI measures splitting Client Hello to avoid DPI and it works. I guess it would be more easier for average users to avoid DPI with ECH.

  • Nausicaä of the Valley of the Wind
  • My Neighbor Totoro
  • Big Trouble in Little China

Illegal immigration is another problem, but blaming wildfires on them without strong evidence and hunting them down is wrong

They can, if they modify activitypub for their own server

I’m using dnscrypt-proxy and I can open archive.is or archive.today perfectly

Good bot but there is a big concern

The Wall Street Journal reported that Flannery has purchased about 52,000 acres of farmland around Travis Air Force Base since 2018. According to the report, government officials began investigating the purchases due to concerns that foreign interests may be behind the company.

“So the entire base is encircled now,” Catherine Moy, mayor of Fairfield, told ABC 7 News. “So there’s no part that isn’t touched by Flannery.”

Little is known about Flannery Associates or its specific city plans.

I think the keyboard issue is often overlooked and would like to know what recommendations your have? Or what should be known more?

Overlooked? Not really, for years I have never used built-in keyboard from stock rom, keyboards from goolag store or goolag board.

Most people stick with non-foss keyboards just because it’s convenient

Employee : This is the report you asked about

Boss : Good job! Now, I have another task for you…

Employee : …

It happens in everywhere if you work for the government, red tape is matters more

Results, not important

Those linux laptops are too expensive and they are not available in some countries

Used thinkpad is much cheaper

Using Google Chrome is already a bad idea. Google usually listens to your conversations from your phone through gapps.

I use xiaomi phone, unlocked bootloader, custom ROM with microG installed. As for system-wide adblocker I use combo dnscrypt-proxy+personalDNSfilter