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JP Morgan files trademark for ChatGPT finance clone
The financial services firm might soon use a software similar to ChatGPT that will use artificial intelligence to offer investment advice. It has filed with the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office (PTO) to trademark IndexGPT. Here is the filing: http://web.archive.org/web/20230526170913/https://tsdr.uspto.gov/documentviewer?caseId=sn97931538&docId=APP20230515101121#docIndex=1&page=1

Climate activists see surge in support following German raids

Following Wednesday’s raid targeting 15 properties affiliated with members of the group in seven German states, the activists called for people to join protest marches in several cities, including Berlin and Munich.

The rally in the German capital drew several hundred people on Wednesday evening, making it the largest to date, Last Generation said.

"They pay more for such work than in ‘white’ jobs”: Interview with a crypto scam investment spammer
'Krebs on Security' publishes an interview with a Russian hacker responsible for a series of aggressive crypto spam campaigns that recently prompted several large Mastodon communities to temporarily halt new registrations. According to the hacker, their spam software has been in private use until the last few weeks, when it was released as open source code.

“Regulatory Capture”: Two new reports show how big tech lobbyists are using ‘public interest’ for their own ends
A report presented by US Senator Elizabeth Warren shows how Big Tech lobbyists redefine the concept of “digital trade” and use it to protect the profitability of their enterprises and make it impossible for signatory countries in trade deals to use legislative ends to protect other things, like people’s privacy or the rule of law. It largely confirms the revolving-door tech lobbyism investigated by sociologist Wendy Li. Here is Sen. Warren’s report (pdf): https://www.warren.senate.gov/imo/media/doc/USTR REPORT.pdf Here is tve research paper by Wendy Li: http://web.archive.org/web/20230316084447/https://academic.oup.com/ser/advance-article/doi/10.1093/ser/mwad002/7030814?utm_source=authortollfreelink&utm_campaign=ser&utm_medium=email&guestAccessKey=d5eab2cc-f0ea-4f77-a68c-97412d8b3e9d

"Regulatory Capture": Two new reports show how big tech lobbyists are using 'public interest' for their own ends
A report presented by US Senator Elizabeth Warren shows how Big Tech lobbyists redefine the concept of “digital trade” and use it to protect the profitability of their enterprises and make it impossible for signatory countries in trade deals to use legislative ends to protect other things, like people's privacy or the rule of law. It largely confirms the revolving-door tech lobbyism investigated by sociologist Wendy Li. Here is Sen. Warren's report (pdf): https://www.warren.senate.gov/imo/media/doc/USTR%20REPORT.pdf Here is tve research paper by Wendy Li: http://web.archive.org/web/20230316084447/https://academic.oup.com/ser/advance-article/doi/10.1093/ser/mwad002/7030814?utm_source=authortollfreelink&utm_campaign=ser&utm_medium=email&guestAccessKey=d5eab2cc-f0ea-4f77-a68c-97412d8b3e9d

Ecosystem Graphs: The Social Footprint of Foundation Models
Researchers develop a framework to capture the vast downstream impact and complex upstream dependencies that define the foundation model ecosystem. 'Ecosystem Graphs' project consolidates the distributed knowledge to improve the ecosystem’s transparency. Here is the graph: https://crfm.stanford.edu/ecosystem-graphs/index.html?mode=graph Here is the table: https://crfm.stanford.edu/ecosystem-graphs/index.html?mode=table

Open Source Software - developed by the NSA
Not sure whether that's a fake site or valid, but just stumbled upon it ...

There is a good report by Lighthouse, a Dutch media collective, about the families falsely accused by their state. There’s a high number of similar cases like the one of Prof. Torley’s, and such ‘false positives’ will always happen as they are inherent to such analyses.

The point for me here is that this guy from Microsoft likely knows that (or, in case he doesn’t, there are certainly a lot of experts at MS who know it as we can reasonably assume). What I don’t understand is that executives get often away with such statements, journalists rarely raise the issue of biases these models have. I feel that is not understood by the masses, and companies and governments exploit that use it against the people.

I feel the term ‘socialist’ is a bit overused here on Lemmy, and in some weird interpretation. But, yes, as long as they adhere to democratic principles and respect human rights, everyone can do good work.

Algorithmic Impact Methods Lab launched today, aims to evaluate how "automated decision-making systems impact people’s lives"
AIMLab’s core activity will be developing impact assessment methods to hold those who built the algorithms accountable for harm. "Automated decisions impacting us in ways that are too often rendered invisible,” says Jacob Metcalf, one of the lab's directors. “The people for whom these systems are potentially the most harmful — those who are historically vulnerable [...] and often already subject to multiple forms of arbitrary exclusion, coercion, and surveillance — have had the least power to shape them." [Edit for a typo.]

I will, certainly, be watching out for all of the claims being made.

I will, too :-)

Thanks for sharing this, I wasn’t aware if this company.

This is very impressive. I would have tons of questions, though, as I don’t understand :-)

How did the device know that he accepts the call? He didn’t do something as far as I am aware.

And how did the device know that he wants the translation into French, or that he wants a translation at all?

He says that it’s private. But how? Doesn’t have the device sync with other data, e.g., some health data base (regarding the chocolate example)? Where does the data sit, in the cloud or on the device? Meaning, does the device also work offline or do you need a cloud (or a network)?

And how does the device learn and store new data (e.g., that he ate a chocolate)? And when he eats the chocolate, does this go into some database? If so, who controls this data?

I am wondering whether this technology could enable communication with non-human species. There’s a fair evidence from research that animals have someform of intelligence, e.g., the paper posted yesterday. I mean, if this decoder can be trained on an individual human being’s brain activity, why not on any non-human being’s?

AMD TPM Exploit: faulTPM Attack Defeats BitLocker and TPM-Based Security
A paper published by security researchers at the Technical University of Berlin reveals that AMD's firmware-based Trusted Platform Module (fTPM / TPM) can be fully compromised, thus allowing full access to the cryptographic data held inside the fTPM in an attack called 'faulTPM.' The attacker needs physical access to the device to exploit the vulnerability. The paper is here: https://arxiv.org/abs/2304.14717 The researcher also shared the code used: https://github.com/PSPReverse/ftpm_attack

It’s all written in the linked article and this thread already imo, but as I just stumbled about this:

If you post any content to the Bluesky Web Services, you hereby grant Bluesky and its licensees a worldwide, perpetual […] licence to use, reproduce, publicly display, publicly perform, modify, sublicense …

That’s from BS’s Terms of Service.

And this is somewhat at the other end of the spectrum: Texas governor decried for ‘disgusting’ rhetoric in wake of mass shooting

Republican Greg Abbott condemned for calling […] victims of Friday night shooting in rural Cleveland ‘illegal immigrants’.

The victims, which included a young boy and two women who were shielding children from gunfire, were all from Honduras.

After reading this site (btw, they appear to be using Cloudflare for their decentralized service) it doesn’t change anything. They indeed “may soon be able to migrate”, may “federate soon”, and all that, but it simply isn’t. It is a centralized service, and they promise once again that this time everything will really be better.

ActivityPub has a over 20k different independent instances, mostly federating with one another. BlueSky has one, and if you try to set up an independent one, it won’t federate.

Yes, and the current owners have no economic incentive to change that. It’s a project backed by financial investors, which means they’ll want to get back as much money as possible as soon as possible.

Don’t get me wrong, this is not some “venture capital bashing”. It’s their full right to earn their money back and do with their companies whatever they want. If I were a financial investor, I did the same (what is ignored in many discussions on this is the fact that the vast majority of VC investments fail due to their high-risk nature, but that’s a different story). I just argue that if you want a distributed and/or decentralised system, you likely need a different kind of funding and a more decentralized form of decision making.

it decentralizes the cost to the central authority by pushing data load onto volunteers

the sad reality is that people will buy the hype

I have been discussing BlueSky some time ago with a friend of mine, and we soon agreed exactly on these two things. This is an excellent article, thanks for sharing this.

Many Public Salesforce Sites are Leaking Private Data
A high number of organizations — including banks and healthcare providers — are leaking private and sensitive information from their public Salesforce Community websites, says KrebsOnSecurity. The data exposures all stem from a misconfiguration in Salesforce Community that allows an unauthenticated user to access records that should only be available after logging in.

Will ChatGPT Revolutionize Surveillance?
A little experiment to demonstrate how a large language model like ChatGPT can not only write, but can read and judge. That, in turn, could lead to an enormous scaling up of the number of communications that are meaningfully monitored, warns ACLU, a human rights group.

In the meantime I got similar additional information as @loki did. Seems to be more advertising than information.

Should I delete the post?

EU plans allow Big Tech to exploit your medical records, without permission
Companies like Google, for instance, could obtain access to the details of a patient's cancer treatment or the results of a psychotherapy session to train its new AI for some well-being app. The outcome of that might feed into the company’s advertising business. The European Health Data Space (EHDS) does not foresee patients being asked for their permission; it does not even include a right to object to this kind of excessive data sharing.

Smartphones With Popular Qualcomm Chip Secretly Share Private Information [LOW QUALITY ARTICLE - PLEASE READ THE COMMENTS]
Affected smart phones are Sony Xperia XA2 and likely the Fairphone and many more Android phones which use popular Qualcomm chips. The data is sent without user consent, unencrypted, and even when using a Google-free Android distribution. This is possible because the Qualcomm chipset itself sends the data, circumventing any potential Android operating system setting and protection mechanisms.

it is time for me to walk the walk and change funds

We all should do this, although it is going to get very hard as investments in fossil fuels (and all other investments) are highly concentrated.

For example, the world’s 2 biggest asset managers, Vanguard and Black Rock, account for 17% of all global investments in fossil fuels. 50% of the total institutional investments in fossil fuel companies are held by just 23 investors. One new study is here.

The same two AMs -Vanguard and Black Rock- are also the two biggest shareholders of Google, Amazon, Facebook parent Meta, Apple, and Microsoft, as well as many other multinationals across practically all industry sectors.

The concentration in the asset management industry has increasingly become concerning and appears to have accelerated since the financial crisis 2007/08 for various reasons (e.g., there’s a growing trend to passively managed portfolios, which is basically a good thing imo, but it puts AM’s fees under pressure, which is why they further concentrate, which in turn increases asset price volatility, which also means higher systematic risks, …).

"Extremely problematic": persona-driven ChatGPT yields toxic, racist output
In the supposedly first report of its kind, researchers have shown that ChatGPT generates racist and other harmful dialogue in response to user questions. By asking the model to respond to questions as a good or a bad person, a man or woman, or as individuals of varying racial or ethnic backgrounds, it produced "biased and hurtful commentary" showing varying degrees of toxicity. The report (12 pages, not very technical) can be downloaded here: https://dx.doi.org/10.48550/arxiv.2304.05335

ChatGPT cites the most-cited articles and journals, perpetuating power imbalances and influence, researcher warns
A study focusing on the sources of information within the field of environmental science has shown ChatGPT perpetuates the Matthew Effect in science, where the rich get richer in terms of citations. It tends to cite highly-cited publications and exhibits a preference for older publications, and predominantly refers to well-respected journals in the field, with Nature being the most cited journal by GPT. Interestingly, GPT seems to exclusively rely on citation count data from Google Scholar for the works it cites, rather than utilizing citation information from other scientific databases such as Web of Science or Scopus. The author Eduard Petiska warns that this can lead to a lack of diversity in the field, as certain researchers and institutions become more dominant and others are marginalized. This can limit the range of perspectives and approaches that are considered in environmental science research. It can also an perpetuate existing power imbalances, as those who are already in positions of power and influence continue to accumulate more resources and recognition. This can make it difficult for new voices and perspectives to be heard and taken seriously in the field. The study (12pages) is here: https://arxiv.org/abs/2304.06794

2023 Open Hardware Summit April 28th and 29th
Onsite @ NYU in New York City or via live stream

Rep. Justin Jones returns to the GOP-majority House after having been expelled for protesting mass shootings
After Nashville officials unanimously reappointed him, Jones supporters gathered to call for gun reform and chant "No Justin, No Peace". Jones has been expelled last week along with Rep. Justin Pearson for standing with distraught protesters seeking gun reform - a move Republican lawmakers deemed "disorderly behavior".

'Swimming pools are making cities thirsty': social inequalities drive urban water crises more than environmental factors
A new study by the University of Reading found that urban elites overconsume water for their own personal leisure, such as filling their swimming pools, watering their gardens or washing their cars, while many under-privileged people live without taps or toilets and use their limited water for drinking and hygiene. The research team focused on Cape Town, South Africa, but also highlighted similar issues in 80 cities worldwide, including London, Miami, Barcelona, Beijing, Tokyo, Melbourne, Istanbul, Cairo, Moscow, Bangalore, Chennai, Jakarta, Sydney, Maputo, Harare, Sao Paulo, Mexico City and Rome.

It is high time we start codifying at least some protections into law

Yes, it’s sadly true.

For the issue you described above you wouldn’t necessarily need license plate scanners as it might be done with "correlation analysis" using CCTVs.

China’s government, which has been the most aggressive in using surveillance and AI to control its population, uses co-appearance searches to spot protesters and dissidents by merging video with a vast network of databases.

[In the US] no laws expressly prohibit police from using co-appearance searches […], “but it’s an open question” whether doing so would violate constitutionally protected rights of free assembly and protections against unauthorized searches.

In Europe, Asia and Africa the situation is similar to the US afaik, which means police departments and private companies have to weigh the balance of security and privacy on their own.

It would be a start but not helpful if it stops there. The surveillance in China and its social credit system is a desaster for the people and much worse. A ban in the US doesn’t help the people over there.

Edit for an addition: Iran to install cameras in public to spot women wearing no hijab

UN Climate Conference: Attendees Warned against Criticizing Government
Speakers at a recent climate and health summit in Abu Dhabi were advised by the conference organizers not to “criticize Islam, the government, corporations or individuals” or protest while in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) - a chilling message given the UAE is set to host COP28, the global United Nations climate conference, at the end of this year.

Criminal Marketplace Disrupted in International Cyber Operation
Since its inception in March 2018, 'Genesis Market' has offered access to data stolen from over 1.5 million compromised computers around the world containing over 80 million account access credentials. Law enforcement agencies in the United States, Canada and across Europe were involved in the operation.

American cities want to recycle their plastic trash in Mexico: critics call it ‘waste colonialism'
Facing growing scrutiny over skyrocketing plastic pollution, US companies have spent decades trying to convince the public that recycling is the answer. But environmental advocates in Mexico are less excited about the idea of processing more of what they see as garbage from abroad. The companies should rather stop producing plastic in the first place as a cure-all to the waste crisis, says Marisa Jacott, director of the Mexican nonprofit Fronteras Comunes.