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Yep, the first one was by Denver University over by University and Evans. The founder states he was inspired by big ass burritos from the Mission district in California. For some reason he rejected the local Denver mex food which is more like New Mexican.

“Started this millennia” is not the same thing as “USA was the first to ever do that”. Of course groups expanded into territory held by others and pushed them out and killed them. I mean, there’s tales of similar things in the Bible. It’s also not really the same as what is happening in Gaza at all.

It was done all over the world for millennia long before that.

I swear a fair bit but sometimes I feel like it’s a cop-out… a lazy way to add emphasis, and if I think for a minute I can usually find more specific and expressive words.

I’ve seen that for words that are considered to be ‘triggers’, as if saying ‘r@pe’ is somehow different at all than just using the normal vowel.

It’s definitely unhealthy how American society thinks that you have to suppress the natural ability to sweat to be acceptable to others.

Yep, I have some sensitivity to fragrances and perfumes and unfortunately, people who use standard shampoo, conditioner, deodorant, laundry soap and dryer sheets smell horrible to me, sometimes from 5 feet away or just being in the same room. Some shampoo is so strong that I can smell it just from them having been in the same room 3 minutes ago. It’s unfortunate that sometimes, it’s people who think they’re being civilized and responsible, while in fact their scented stuff is causing problems that won’t exist otherwise. It’s actually harder to find products that don’t do this, though, as the standard American mainstream brand ones are all awful as far as fragrances go (Pantene, pert, suave, Gain, Tide, Bounce, Snuggle etc).

Antiperspirant is one thing. Very few people use one without a fragrance though. I would rather smell basically any normal body odor over awful perfume crap, personally.

“A person who has bathed all over does not need to wash, except for the feet, to be entirely clean”

I used to use WindowMaker on seriously underpowered laptops 10-15 years ago. Seems like it’s still just as efficient. For something more standard interface-wise you could try IceWM.

Another thing to do is build your own kernel without any features you don’t use. Not sure how much of a difference that makes exactly.

We grew up with the story of Rikki-Tikki Tembo No Sa Rembo Charibariruchi Pip-Peripembo.

There was also this article recently about a Spanish Duke who was told he can’t give his daughter 25 names:

The intro is a little less proscriptive: “ Here’s the list of my favorite Linux websites. Perhaps you’ll like them too.”

It’s true, it turns out that people have more opportunities and can attain more success and better lives when they’re not totally financially fucked over.

I have an FB account from 2010 that I didn’t sign into for 2-3 years. I tried and they wanted me to send them my driver’s license… uh, no. Sillier thing is I have a linked instagram account I have signed into every week or two with no problems.

if he somehow turned it into a legitimized escort service, that would be actually useful to society, other than that he would be the one running it so it would be corrupt af and detrimental to society.

I found some jicama sliced thin like a corn tortilla at Trader Joe’s. They’re surprisingly good for many things. They’d be an awesome basis for a canapé.