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Hey, Canadians. How's your healthcare?
Hello, Canadians of Lemmy! Down in the USA there is a lot of conflicting information regarding the efficacy of y'alls healthcare systems. Without revealing my personal bias, I was hoping for some anecdotes or summaries from those whom actually live there.

On the MacOS side, you can setup the VNC Server by just using the built in Screen Sharing tool. From your Pop!_OS install, you can connect using any VNC client (e.g. TightVNC, TigerVNC, Remmina). I drive all the Zoom Rooms for my org off Mac Minis and that’s how I access them.

Yeah, I use Yubikeys for my password manager 2FA and keep all other OTP seeds with their respective creds in Bitwarden

Debian and its downstream is my big fluffy comfort blankey. Pop!_OS in particular has the smoothest out of the box desktop environment I’ve encountered.

Congrats on taking the dive, comrade. May the Spirit of the Kernel light your way.

Just ordered the Oryx Pro. The repair documentation to replace the keyboard is 2 screws. By comparison, I had to replace the keyboard on an X1 Carbon at work last week and it required literally disassembling the entire thing. The entire board and the display had to come off.

Gaaaahhhh, I really wanted to hold out for my Framework 16 pre-order (it was batch 4 or something), but I cancelled and got the System76 Oryx Pro. I would have loved to have an all AMD 16" laptop from Framework, but unfortunately my old ThinkPad finally shit the bed today. I’m currently typing this out from my Steam Deck, so time became an issue 🤦 Hopefully Framework has a fully established foot in the market in 6-10 years when I have to go hunting again

Open Source Hardware Recommendations
Does anyone have strong opinions on open source hardware? I'm finally at a point where I need to upgrade my laptop. The Framework 16 pre-order is tempting. It's a fascinating project. Even if it comes at premium due to the small scale of their operation, I'm happy to support the cause. Alternatively, Sytem76/Clevo hardware has interested me for a long time (coreboot ftw). Based on the documentation current gens are super easy to repair. Any thoughts are appreciated!