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“I would rather have questions that can’t be answered than answers that can’t be questioned” – Rich Feynman

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Antifascists Shut Down Neo-Nazis & Proud Boys in Sacramento
Sacramento, California – Clashes broke out inside the Sacramento City Council chambers on May 23rd, as angry community members chanted, held banners, and shut down a small group of neo-Nazis who threw up Hitler salutes and attempted to address the council.

Infectious Pathogen Silently Spreads to Over 90% of California's Cannabis Farms, Destroying THC Production
A hop-latent viroid, an infectious pathogen, is devastating cannabis farms in California by infiltrating plants and ruining entire crops just before they’re ready for harvest.

US Troops To Train Peruvian Armed Forces, Proves US Behind Coup
Amid continuing social upheaval five months after the parliamentary coup against Pedro Castillo, the Peruvian Congress, controlled by the hard right, has approved the entrance of US troops into national territory to train the Peruvian military and National Police beginning June 1st through the end of the year. This comes after the Supreme Court ruled that protest is not a protected right under the 1993 Fujimori dictatorship era constitution. This also comes after a visit from the UN Special Rapporteur on the Rights to Peaceful Assembly and Association Clément Nyaletsossi Voule stated that there was no evidence of terrorism from protesters and called for accountability and political reform to end the crisis. As multiple reports from human rights observers have confirmed, the armed forces carried out extrajudicial killings and massacres during the first few months of the popular uprising following the overthrow of President Pedro Castillo. The Peruvian masses have stated that this was a clear US backed coup from the beginning and are now getting concrete evidence that the right-wing coup regime works hand in hand with the North American hegemonic power to train armed forces in so called “conflict zones”, particularly in the south of the country where the strike and blockades have been the strongest.

New Report: $1.1 Trillion was Spent on Militarism & War Last Year
That equals 62% of the federal discretionary budget. “When we invest so heavily in militarism at home and abroad, we deprive our own communities and people of solutions to problems that pose immediate security threats.”

Resident Physicians At Elmhurst Hospital Begin Five-Day Strike
Resident physicians at Elmhurst Hospital are on the picket line starting Monday for better pay, benefits. Queens, NY – Following several days of public actions, including a march on the boss on Thursday May 18, and close to a year of bargaining, resident physicians at represented by CIRSEIU will hold a final event on Sunday, May 21 calling on Mount Sinai, their employer, to bargain fairly and avoid the unfair labor practice strike set to begin on Monday May 22 at 7AM at Elmhurst Hospital.

US Labor Agency Rejects Starbucks’ Effort to Obtain Records of Worker Communications with Media
A judge for the National Labor Relations Board determined it was unlawful for Starbucks to request records of communications between unionized workers and news media organizations. The decision reversed a prior ruling from a United States court, which upheld subpoenas issued to 21 workers that were sought by Starbucks to help the corporation defend against allegations that they engaged in unfair labor practices against Starbucks Workers United.

With KDE any telemetry is opt in only, so by default there’s zero telemetry

KDE or bust in my book, zero telemetry by default is how all software should be setup!

https://searx.thegpm.org is working on my end. So at least this instance is working. I’d assume it’s those instances or possibly a browser issue

It’s a demonstration the idea is on the rise and well accepted in the younger generations. That’s what I got from it at least

There’s antibodies as well as the enzymes being produced too, both should lead to advances in immunology and biochemistry. As rough as some aspects of modern life can be, science always improving on whats known is damn cool and fascinating!

Is it really that much safer vs running Graphene? I’m sincerely curious as I don’t know the specific benefits of a landline vs a secure ROM.

I understand the wealth gap variance between the US and most other countries, but if spending is soo much lower around the world, why does the US constantly spend absolutely obscene amounts of money on it? The country as a whole appears to be devolving into a medieval like society. The rich are few and have no worries whatsoever, while their employees worry about what they’ll eat for dinner, where they’ll sleep next month, as well as if it’s the day they’ll be killed by a completely random stranger.

Regardless how the figures are presented, the US citizens need attention. Yet the governments focus couldn’t be further from offering aid at home. Seemingly they value ensuring elsewhere is worse off more than anything else. Its demented from where I’m standing. Hopefully I’m wrong and the government will come to the aid of the people, but I won’t hold my breath while we wait to see.

I recently heard about Data Bag. It’s a decentralized and federated end to end encrypted messaging service. It could help with the issue. As long as you have or know someone who could run a node on some server space or even a rasberry pi

Interesting, I work at a public university as well and I’m currently doing research surrounding how to decrease the D.W.F. rates in early molecular biology courses. The increase over the last decade in hours worked per student is upsetting. On average, students at my University are working 30 hours each week. This is to stay afloat but prevents them from taking a full course load. Without a full course load, no aid is available. Additionally, the amount of applications for aid, or even for Yale and Harvard, vs the amount of funding which can be provided prevents many in need from attaining help. Someone from a rich family who went to a college prep school compared to a student currently working through the public school system puts the latter at a large disadvantage. Sure, they could pay nothing to attend Yale, but first they must be accepted. Acceptance 100% favors the wealthier applicant who’s family put them in markedly better accademic settings, right?

TLDR: An asteroid doesn’t seem to be the cause of the dinosaurs going extinct. The asteroid defintely occurred, yet it seems like the Jurassic extinction was years afterwards while the nuclear winter seems to only have taken place briefly. By focusing on mean temperature and bacterial cell morphology post the asteroid, our current understanding would impact everything from dino’s to microbes yet microbes we’re thriving years after the impact. Current idea’s are revolving around a volcano in India being the cause of extinction, but more research is needed to confirm.

Probably plays into their purchase of SimpleLogin, seems to never be an issue if you setup your own domain name with them.

SMS & email are antiquated services, this is why Protonmail is rad as they’re making a program which was never designed for encryption, encrypted. But the thing is even encrypted data is being stored in hopes of being decrypted by quantum computers in the near future…

Another reason the insane money printing done by the Fed was possible was the Petrodollar. Now that its being dropped like its hot, inflation most likely will have a little more umph to it and printing dollars will never be as easy to do, possibly ever.

It’s insane this bank received a TON of support a few weeks back, yet this is their current standing. Anyone still thinking the dollar is stable is going to have a rude awakening in the coming years.