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I’ll try to pick up that habit. Thank you. That’s a good suggestion.

Thank you for the comment I added he/him to my bio. Not sure if it’s in the right place.

he and him what you want in those positions?

I had never stopped to think about this. I guess the answer in my partícular case is I literally don’t care which ones they use. Hm. Not sure what that means.

Thank you for the detailed comment.

I’ll keep that in mind. Thank you.

Cool thanks. I just put mine up in my bio. Hopefully in the right spot.

That’s a relief.

So just go on about my merry way and if someone corrects me respect their choices ?

So, on pronouns.
I have a few questions on how to best behave to be as welcoming and inclusive as possible without sounding bad. I hope you guys don't hate me. I'm just a straight male. Are my pronouns he/him? Is that how I should tell people? Do you actually *tell* them as you meet them ? Do I have to wait for a certain social cue ? How about online. Should I tell people or have it on my personal profile somewhere? And about respecting other people's pronouns. How do i figure them out ? Is it a big faux pas if I don't before I know them ? Is it a faux pas if I refer to someone I just met and I assumed to be male as he/him? I've never seen anyone referring to anyone irl by non conventional pronouns. Is it an actual thing or is it currently being pushed to make the world a more inclusive place? I'd love some help with all of this.

Not sure if it quite counts as fantasy but…

Everything about Blade Runner was perfect.

The sequel somehow managed to not drop the ball as well.

This was forever ago. But basically we both drove to a mall for I think sushi and a movie ?

The conversation during sushi went swell but during the movies I could tell she was sitting farther away from me than she had to.

On the way out I asked her if she wanted me to walk her out and she said nah. I was taken aback it was late at night. And was like. Are you sure ? She said yes so we parted ways.

I remember thinking man I’m not sure what I did wrong. That whole thing usually works. Lol.

Once I got home I messaged that I apologized if I made her feel uncomfortable in anyway and asked her on her end what went so wrong.

She told me during the movie / on the way out she thought I might attempt to kiss her. And she wasn’t feeling that way. I thanked her for being honest and that was that.

I wouldn’t have tried tho. I was fully aware that things weren’t going ideal. But yeah. Thats the story.

I’ve only ever had one date in my life that went bad. I had a feeling I was about to get ghosted so I asked her to like. Lemme know why it went so bad from her pov. It was an interesting conversation.

If they bring it up just be honest with them.

It’s not even a bad movie. But it’s only very tangentially related to the source material.

The best alternative would be focusing on the product and letting word of mouth do it’s job.

Paid advertising is definitely quicker to get going though.

Indeed. The laptop is great exception for QA issues. I have some of those issues but not some others.

An extremely annoying thing that happens to me you didn’t mention is when I’m using the integrated GPU sometimes the screen flickers.

And if it matters my unit at least doesn’t overheat at all. It’s actually quite impressive.

Doesn’t take nearly as long as you’d think if you start to slowly transition stuff to the new address.

It’s been easy.

Every time I think about going there I just remind myself that the people that run that site actively hate their users.

Quake 3 was my first but Ultima Online is the one that made me fall in love.

Downsides to chatgpt?
It just feels too good to be true. I'm currently using it for formatting technical texts and it's amazing. It doesn't generate them properly. But if I give it the bulk of the info it makes it pretty af. Also just talking and asking for advice in the most random kinds of issues. It gives seriously good advice. But it makes me worry about whether I'm volunteering my personal problems and innermost thoughts to a company that will misuse that. Are these concerns valid?

Are packages from flathub always safe?
I usually trust my distro repos without checking. Can the same be applied to flathub without much worry?

Does anyone actually like the default GNOME workflow?
I gave it a fair shot for about a year, using vanilla GNOME with no extensions. While I eventually became somewhat proficient, it's just not good. Switching between a few workspaces looks cool, but once you have 10+ programs open, it becomes an unmanageable hell that requires memorizing which workspace each application is in and which hotkey you have each application set to. How is this better than simply having icons on the taskbar? By the way, the taskbar still exists in GNOME! It's just empty and seems to take up space at the top for no apparent reason other than displaying the time. Did I do something wrong? Is it meant for you to only ever have a couple applications open? I'd love to hear from people that use it and thrive in it.