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Freesync works with Linux on AMD, but only over DisplayPort.

I already use Obtanium to update Grayjay. It has an HTML function.

Sideloading either Yatee or uYou+

Or use Piped as a PWA

It’s not a secret agreement. The fact that they’re effectively a duopoly (Intel I guess makes GPUs now), price gouging is as easy as copying the already successful competitor (AMD copying nVidia).

No need for price fixing agreements.

I’ve been waiting for Lemmy to take off since 2019. Reddit’s API change made me jump at the opportunity to stop using it.

It’s all about dat $$$ for the shareholders. Not a bad interpretation, though.

You live in the city of “Introducing?”

That’s pretty cool.

Every time a corporation or group of corporations ask for regulations to be placed on themselves, that’s a massive red flag that they are going to lobby to cut the legs off of that regulation, or they will make the regulation give them more power.

Not sure about the Wayback Machine specifically, but you can access the Archive Team’s efforts on archive.org.