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That’s fair. nixOS can be savage. But I think it’s also helpful for a beginner since you can’t break it. A beginner is much more likely to break their system than an expert.

nixOS , because it’s a completely atomic distribution, like a docker container OS style. You define the state of the system in a configuration file, which can even control the kernel, and you can switch to an older configuration file in any reboot. It’s more of a pain than the others, but it works ok out of the box and when you fix something it stays fixed so you’ll never end up in a situation where something breaks and you can’t fix it.

Also, all the packages bring their own versions of their own libraries and directly link to them so they’ll never break during upgrades, but conversely a lot of Linux installers that try to link to system libraries won’t work.

I already donate to my Mastodon instance, if my instance needs or wants money for any reason, they should set up a donation button and I’ll subscribe. Which will give them a lot more money than they would ever make from showing me ads. We should normalize removing all ads from the internet, forever.

I use a physical sim. I’m not sure it even supports eSIM, but I’d be hesitant to ditch the physical sim for precisely the reasons you mentioned. I’ve swapped sims around between phones and even borrowed them from people when I was in a new area, something that’s much harder with eSIMs.

It’s better because Bing may still have selling ads as a priority when building the indexer. If you’re not the one paying, you’re the product.

I think people just don’t want to believe that the wealthy and powerful can be that stupid. But why not? Elon Musk was born into a wealthy family and then got super, super lucky during the .com boom. He can absolutely make stupid decisions.

Because last time I checked they just used Bing anwyay, while Kagi runs their own indexer.

Google’s becoming pretty terrible anyway, it only seems to return pages that are selling things. I’ve switched to Kagi at this point and it seems to work better, it’s subscription only, but you know you’re the one paying for it and that means that you’re the end customer.

Oh wow, 100% improvements in some cases, that’s no joke.

EDIT: In Nginx, there’s one benchmark where they get tripled performance on the EPYC9754.

Yes, and every package specifically defines the exact version of its libraries that it needs and the system symlinks everything together package by package, so there’s no chance than an update will break something further upstream. The configuration file also controls things like MySQL configuration and user permissions so you can get literally the exact same system. I think even docker doesn’t control for library versions with its regular configuration.

EDIT: And it keeps older versions of the configuration file and its symlink arrangement around, so if something goes wrong, you can reboot the machine and select an older version from the bootloader.

More nixOS development. It’s the reproducible builds on the OS scale, one configuration file that will always generate exactly the same system when run, and you can update and rebuild from that file without restarting the system in most cases. This should make triangulating and fixing distro issues much easier, as well as making a distro easier to maintain from the user side.

I donate to all the services I use. Including my Mastodon instance, Wikipedia, Habitica, etc…

EDIT: And I mean monthly. Except for Wikipedia where it’s just yearly.

How much worse is their internal strife going to be once they lose a war? Russia was tooling along before attacking Ukraine, but now they might actually for real topple within a few years.

I’ve seen owncloud merge files together. Like, you open one file and see data from another file inside it. That to me was a dealbreaker.

See, this sounds kind of nice coming from a country where housing is almost impossible to get for love or money.

All those folks in the 50+ age group that grew up with “Russia is enemy #1” are probably cycling through waves of intense work and prolonged orgasm.

The ones that haven’t suddenly decided that Russia is our best friend all of a sudden for some reason that I still can’t figure out. This is even considering that Russia was found to have been paying out bounties on dead American soldiers, or that they had people assassinated in the UK. Certainly it should be a disqualifier that Russia isn’t a true Democracy and had Putin’s political opponents jailed. Two Democracies won’t directly start a conflict against each other, but that doesn’t hold up between Democracies and non-Democracies.

My hope is that as Russia runs out of money and organization to fund overseas psyops, the sheen will wear off.

There’s a load of things I could say, but they would all be pointless, so I’m going to say this. It would be less depressing if you were actually being paid by the Russians.

EDIT: Which, you know, is not actually out of the question.

That was my first thought too. Wasn’t there like a checklist for “Why this spam detection scheme will fail” that was floating around since the late 1990s?