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The guy who replied to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in your second screenshot seems like one of the far-right wingers. They do not, in any capacity, represent the general population.

Thankfully, OP is from an instance that has not federated with Hexbear. Hexbear users won’t be able to see this post.

I don’t really agree with all the points you listed, but I want to say thank you for not employing the Hexbear approach to defend your position. I gave you an upvote.

ps. before anyone berates me for not also listing reasons to defend myself: I’m tired of arguing online.

I don’t get why some think that the US or Ukraine started the war. They did not. Russia started it. Why would any country attack another country 28 times its size?

I actually got almost half of my colleagues to use Signal. Well maybe they probably still use another chat app even when talking to a fellow colleague who has Signal, but at least I got them to register an account.

I fail to see any reason for hating a chat app so passionately except possibly for privacy concerns, which is definitely not the case here.

Try https://github.com/osfans/trime. It has multiple input schemas (i.e. pinyin, zhuyin, cangjie, etc.) to choose from, and they are great for typing Chinese. Admittedly it only supports the C in CJK, but it is absolutely worth a try if you don’t need Japanese or Korean.

Try Thumb-Key. It’s a keyboard made by Lemmy’s main developer. It uses a rather exotic layout, but once you get used to it, it is so much better than qwerty.

The truth, like it or not, is that PRC has never, ever seized control of Taiwan. Hopefully it never does. This is not pedantry.

update to my previous comment: I decided to not take your advice anyway

Yeah I’m not that willing to hunt for those pictures online either due to the harrowing nature of those photos

Those multiple capitals in China you mentioned are actually capital cities of first-level administrative divisions (省會). They are not what people think of when they hear capital. When people hear capital they generally think of the biggest city in a country (首都). Saying that the capitals of China are Hohhot, Lhasa, Nanning, Ürümqi, Taipei, etc. is not wrong, but it’s as weird as saying that the capitals of the US are Jackson, Lansing, Springfield, Albany, etc.

I actually am not quite sure what we are even debating about at this point lol. Not that the points you made were bad, it’s just that the matter is kinda trivial. I couldn’t come up with more arguments besides nitpicking your errors. Can we just agree to disagree?

ps. the overall experience I had debating with you was actually not bad, unlike the ones I had with some people who resort to ad hominem attacks.

Wow, so it appears that those blue-shirted people are just inmates of a regular prison. Oh well, I guess I don’t actually have any photo of those camps.

The KMT flag would be over China right now if they had simply not tried to murder the communists in cold blood.

I disagree. Had Chang Hsueh-liang not kidnapped Chiang Kai-shek back in 1936 demanding that he stop fighting communists and form a united front against Japanese, things probably would have been very different. I do not understand why you think that KMT would still rule the entire China if they had not fought the communists.

excerpt from Wikipedia about the Xi'an incident in 1936

On April 6, 1936, Chang met with CPC delegate Zhou Enlai to plan the end of the Chinese Civil War. KMT leader Generalissimo Chiang Kai-shek at the time took a passive position against Japan and considered the communists to be a greater danger to the Republic of China than the Japanese, and his overall strategy was to annihilate the communists before focusing his efforts on the Japanese. He believed that “communism was a cancer while the Japanese represented a superficial wound.” Growing nationalist anger against Japan made this position very unpopular, and led to Chang’s action against Chiang, known as the Xi’an Incident.

In December 1936, Chang and General Yang Hucheng kidnapped Chiang, imprisoning him until he agreed to form a united front with the communists against the Japanese invasion. After two weeks of negotiations, Chiang agreed to unite with the communists and drive the Japanese out of China. When Chiang was released on December 26, Chang chose to return to the capital city of Nanjing with him; once they were away from Chang’s loyal troops, Chiang had him placed under house arrest. From then on, he was under constant watch and lived near the Nationalist capital city, wherever it moved to.

Taipei is the capital and a special municipality of Taiwan.[7][8]

Notice the preposition of. They did not say in. If they used in that could mean that they think Taipei is in China. But they used of, implying that Taiwan is a country. They also used the word capital, meaning a city where the political center of a country is, not as in a “city”. There is (generally) only one capital in each country. Also, the text did not at all say that Taipei is in China. That Taipei is in China is what you (incorrectly) inferred from the text.

Sorry, your link https://web.archive.org/web/20180820154817/https://baijiahao.baidu.com/s?id=1564669932542581&wfr=spider&for=pc is broken. Web.archive.org tells me that it “got an HTTP 301 response at crawl time.” Can you take a screenshot of it?

that’s not news that is an opinion piece

I literally stated that in my comment. You even quoted it.

[Zenz] is a liar and Nazi sympathiser

I just clicked that link and, wow, that tweet was quite stupid. He should not have said that. What the Nazis did was unexcusable. However, please keep this in mind - that being a Nazi sympathizer does not automatically invalidate one’s opinions on other topics.

The UN has done a fact finding Mission and they said there is no evidence of a Uyghur Genocide. It didn’t happen.

China is one of the five most powerful members of the UN (the permanent members of the security council). Though the security council does not have much to do with the investigation directly, there is no gainsaying that China has had a certain degree of influence. It is entirely possible that the UN decided to overlook their crimes due to pressure from China.

Yes there are Vocational schools in Xinjiang. […] and baby incubators.

When I told you that the Xinjiang camps are committing genocide or when you saw Zenz claiming the same how did you feel? You were thinking that I gobbled up and regurgitated all the US propaganda and that this is just a conspiracy theory because I couldn’t give concrete proof, weren’t you? This is also exactly how I feel toward your claims except that the propaganda you gobbled up were Chinese. Besides, I am pretty sure that when women are given more education, they decide not to have so many children either by using condoms or having less sex rather than getting IUDs.

I hope I don’t sound rude but it really sounds like you only consider WaPo trustworthy when it’s convenient for you. Besides, the media in China are heavily controlled by the government. I don’t think a news outlet would survive if they dared to report such things.

Literally the second paragraph…

Sorry, I don’t understand how that makes this any less trustworthy?