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@witcraft Here four projects are exactly the ones @mattontech mentioned in his interview. I decided to add them to the title of my post, but adding other unnamed projects would have been at least abusive…

> And Mastodon is hardly the Fediverse’s only offering. There’s also PeerTube, a decentralized video-sharing system; PixelFed, a similarly open-servered image-sharing service; Friendica, a more Facebook-like social media system; and Funkwhale, a community-driven music platform.

In any case, I don’t want to disappoint you, but @tchambers basically rejected any protocol other than ActivityPub… 🙁

> Prodromou, however, has strong words for any organization looking to enter social media with a new decentralized social media protocol. “I’m not interested in any protocol besides ActivityPub,” he says. “Anyone working on brand new protocols in 2023 should stop immediately. They are going to do more harm than good.”

@witcraft I agree! But it’s not fair to expect @tchambers to mention all the platforms during an interview with a popular slant 😂

Decentralized Social Media Rises as Twitter Melts Down. @matt_on_tech 's interview whith @tchambers
**[Mastodon is just the start—here comes the Fediverse with PeerTube, PixelFed, Friendica and Funkwhale](** [@fediverse]( > Most companies looking to support decentralized social media are adding support for ActivityPub or, in some cases, building new platforms for a decentralized future. Meta is rumored to be working on its own decentralized social network, code-named P92, which is said to include ActivityPub support. WordPress, Flipboard, and Mozilla have all announced features that integrate with the Fediverse cc ### [ Is available here ]( [@mattontech]( 's interview whith [@tchambers]( ###

Italian government led by neo-fascist Giorgia Meloni rules out 'crimes against humanity' ratifies parts of the Rome Statute of the International Criminal Court
**[Chantal Meloni, associate of Criminal Law at the State University of Milan against the government that has removed crimes against humanity from the code of international crimes](** [@worldnews]( > «The Italian legal system lacks crimes against humanity which are very frequent. And I'm not just talking about Ukraine. In Germany, for example, several German magistrates are prosecuting the crimes committed in Syria by the regime of Bashar al Assad», explained Meloni. > > The Italian government "has an obvious problem with the protection of human rights and crimes against humanity are protected by the violation of human rights. On the contrary - she added - I believe that perhaps someone is afraid of incurring a violation of human rights regarding, for example, the management of migrants », continued the jurist. ### [The complete article, in Italian, was published by the online magazine "The Globalist"]( ###
fedilink configuration error led to data leak
**[As part of the expansion of hardware and software at Mastodon, an archive server was visible to all users for several weeks](** [@fediverse]( > The cause of a data leak at Mastodon was not an external intrusion, but an insufficient configuration of the Mastodon server for storing user data. This made it theoretically possible for every user of the service to view the data uploaded to Mastodon discovered the bug on February 24th and closed it within 30 minutes. However, the leak had existed since the beginning of February because the infrastructure had been upgraded at the time, the provider writes in an e-mail. ### [Link]( ###

Linus Torvalds and the Fediverse...
Linus Torvalds is not interested in religious wars in the fediverse. [@fediverse]( Linus Torvalds knows there is a time to administer and a time to use. Linus Torvalds knows that the Fediverse is free because it is made up of different faiths. That's why we like Fediverse. And Linus too 😅 The [@torvalds]( 's post ⬇️⬇️⬇️⬇️⬇️ ♲ […](

Microsoft lays off team that taught employees how to make AI tools responsibly
**[As the company accelerates its push into AI products, the ethics and society team is gone](** [@technology]( Microsoft laid off its entire ethics and society team within the artificial intelligence organization as part of **[recent layoffs that affected 10,000 employees](** across the company, Platformer has learned. The move leaves Microsoft without a dedicated team to ensure its AI principles are closely tied to product design at a time when the company is leading the charge to make AI tools available to the mainstream, current and former employees said. #### [Microsoft lays off team that taught employees how to make AI tools responsibly - The Verge]( ####

France aims to protect kids from parents oversharing pics online
**[PARIS — French parents had better think twice before posting too many pictures of their offspring on social media](** [@privacy]( > "The message to parents is that their job is to protect their children's privacy," Bruno Studer, an MP from President Emmanuel Macron's party who put the bill forward, said in an interview. "On average, children have 1,300 photos of themselves circulating on social media platforms before the age of 13, before they are even allowed to have an account," he added **[By LAURA KAYALI on Politico](**

Punctum Books Helps Build Streamlined System for Archiving Open Access Monographs
**[Punctum Books Helps Build Streamlined System for Archiving Open Access Monographs](** [@technology]( Since its founding in 2011, punctum books has been an independent, scholar- and queerled open access (OA) press committed to reshaping the way knowledge production is shared in academia and beyond. Now, it is also a key player in the development of technology that’s making it easier for publishers to archive open access monographs. The idea behind the open access movement is that scholarly research is a public good that should be made available to everyone in order to remove some of the technological and financial barriers to research and to accelerate education and research across the planet. Open access monographs are long-form scholarly publications released in the public domain under a Creative Commons or comparable license, which allows readers to freely access them without paywall. Authors of open access publications retain the copyright to their work. **[To be continued](** […](

A new test instance for Bonfire is born!
Interested in testing [#Bonfire]( and providing feedback? Join [the new test instance]( ---------- [@fediverse]( **[The website has also been updated](** which hopefully explains the project a bit better 😅 While the playground (an older test instance) was about experimenting with the UX and all the different features and extensions in the works, the campground only has the core and social extensions enabled while focusing on stabilizing them (incl. federation) before a v1.0 release 🔥 **[Link to original post](**

+++ Bolsonaro supporters invade Brazil's Congress, Supreme Court in Brasilia +++
**[BOLSONARO SUPPORTERS INVADE BRAZIL'S CONGRESS, SUPREME COURT IN BRASILIA]()** BRASILIA, Jan 8 (Reuters) - Supporters of Brazil's former far-right President Jair Bolsonaro on Sunday invaded the Supreme Court, the Congress building and surrounded the presidential palace in Brasilia, according to television images. In an echo of the Jan. 6, 2021 invasion of the U.S. Capitol by supporters of former U.S. President Donald Trump, Several thousand protesters broke into the buildings and were seen on television smashing furniture inside the Supreme Court and the Congress. Local media estimated about 3,000 people were involved. **[Link](**