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The positive with Reddit (and Lemmy) is that most of the rules are specific to a community. If you just can’t live with the rules of one community, you can always split off and form your own. The area where is this breaks down is site-wide rules, especially when Reddit has poorly defined rules that get enforced haphazardly by “Anti-Evil Operations”.

It doesn’t sound like the API will be pay-to-use for individuals. Instead, it would be pay-to-use for businesses that are currently deriving business value from Reddit’s data set of comments and posts on Reddit’s dime.

Every time the US tries to ask Israel to show restraint, Israel tells the US to not “interfere with internal affairs”. Sounds good to me. In that case, the US should stop sticking out its neck on Israel’s behalf. We’ve done so for far too long.

The problem with Russia is that there is a pattern of behavior that started with the Russo-Georgian War and continuing with the Crimean and 2022 invasions. They invade a country drifting from Russia’s sphere of influence, claiming to be protecting ethnic Russians. In Georgia, Russia has maintained an occupation to this day. Same with Crimea, when there was little international response. That’s why there has been such a forceful response in the rest of Ukraine. The West realized standing on the sidelines was just going to get more bad behavior. They needed to engage somehow to stop Russia from continuing to menace its neighbors.

This could be positive, but it shouldn’t be premature. As-is, Russia is occupying part of Ukraine. A “peace” that leaves Russia with a sizeable chunk of Ukraine tells Russia that invasions will be rewarded. A peace created by rewarding bad behavior is not a peace that will last.

I’m not too upset about the ones inside Russia. Russia is waging a bombing campaign that is killing civilians across Ukraine. Propagandists are an integral part of Russia’s war effort. They have made themselves a legitimate target. No one is safe in Ukraine, so why should propagandists in Russia expect anything different?

I am more upset about reports of targeting of people who have alleged sympathies toward Russia in areas that have been retaken by Ukraine. Regardless of what happened, it’s more important that Ukraine set itself up for unity and peace. Punishing people for alleged collaboration sets that goal back.

I applaud the meat replacement companies for making it and you for eating it, but the fact of the matter is that most people aren’t vegan or vegetarian. Around the world, meat consumption is rising. If products made from actual animals are to become a thing of the past, it will likely be through cultivated meat, dairy, etc.

A liberal democracy is an electoral democracy plus:

…judicial and legislative constraints on the executive along with the protection of civil liberties and equality before the law.

Closed autocracies are defined as:

No multiparty elections for the executive; absence of fundamental democratic components such as freedom of expression, freedom of association, and free and fair elections.

They have more on their criteria here. But based on that criteria, it’s pretty hard to argue that the country that’s unabashedly responsible for the 1989 Tiananmen Square massacre and built the Great Firewall allows freedom of expression or freedom of association.

I don’t know, I hear it’s as long as it takes for everyone to get tired of figuring out when to meet next.

(That one came from an anarchist, don’t hurt me!)

You could at least check your claim against the map. There are as many exceptions to that rule as nations that fit that rule.

Your logic is so deep and unassailable that I cannot comprehend it.

How consequential is this? In the US, student body elections are barely impactful inside the higher education system, let alone having an impact on broader life.

There’s not really that much you can do about it if you’re on a cell phone. Your phone is connecting to the cell tower, and at that point all bets are off on how metadata gets used.

Looks like I’m going back to the web client. Thunderbird kept crashing my computer because it wants to download all of my hundreds of thousands of messages.

It’s also notable how widely prison rates vary, from a low of 96 per 100k in Massachusetts to a high of 575 per 100k in Mississippi.

Which he are you talking about? This is the leading opposition candidate who is claiming Russian interference.

Turkey’s still going to be doing a balancing act between Russia and NATO no matter who gets elected. It’s reasonable for him to warn Russia against interference, especially since he’s running ahead of Erdoğan right now. If elected amidst Russian interference, he could make a lot of trouble for Russia. And speaking of imperialism, election interference is a form of imperialism.

“We are still in favor of cooperation and friendship.”

Sounds like a real bootlicker.

Normally I just use Gmail’s web client, but maybe I should give Thunderbird a go. Last time I tried it, I felt like a second class citizen because everything was working through SMTP and IMAP. Generic protocols inevitably lose some functionality.