Ce să vă zic, mă, bine ați venit? bine ați venit, rău ați nimerit. La locu’ ăsta îi zice șerpărie, de la șerpii care umblă pe-aicea. Dracu’ știe cum au ajuns…

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@Hirom It really is one of the most popular archive formats on Windows. Because of WinRAR. In fact, the popularity of the formats on Windows seems directly proportioned with software usage over time (i.e. WinRAR, WinZIP - where zip is now native since a long time - 7-zip etc.)

tar.gz et all are really just alien for the vast majority of Windows users, especially the non techie ones.

@Hirom They seem to support these too

In addition…
We have added native support for additional archive formats, including tar, 7-zip, rar, gz and many others using the libarchive open-source project. You now can get improved performance of archive functionality during compression on Windows.

I wonder though if you can also create these files, or you can only use it to unarchive these.


Thunderbird has a new logo
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@admin @Troy there are no third party clients for Bitwarden though afaik, at least on Android. And if they are, I’m pretty sure they are just forks of the main app. I mostly use/used third party clients when low on space (nowadays I have a whopping 128GB of storage but when I had just 16, whatever was above 50MB was just too much for me if it wasn’t justified - i.e. if there was something lighter doing whatever I needed).

@gloating_swann wtf, what would that meaningful harm even mean?!? having someone die because of it? starting meaningless protests over fake news? civil wars? rigging entire democracies altogether? where the hell would the harm start being meaningful in the first place?

“The first time we started requiring driver’s licenses, it was after many dozens of people died in car accidents, right?” Schwarz said. “And that was the right thing,” because “if you would’ve required driver’s licenses when there were the first two cars on the road,” then “we would have completely screwed up that regulation.”

What kind of fucked up example even is that? Back then you could only be hit by a car if you walked towards it. Nowadays the fastest car can go even 300-500 km/h - faster than a plane taking off. You sure do not need regulation when there’s no risk associated with something, but in a world where entire democracies are affected and autocrats and dictator wannabes are overly happy even with those conventional methods already on the market, there’s already a high risk of stuff going awry.


@Lost_Wanderer@beehaw.org wrote:

Sounds dangerously fun

It is, yea! xd

Have fun if you ever decide playing it, haha.

@hellfire103 Probably none of the things I would do today, but were fun back then while I was a kid.

We were a group of kids of various similar ages who would play various games outside, among which I can still recall:

  • hide&seek
  • leapsha (I don’t know how to translate this in English, but basically you would all run away from another person, and if that person would touch you and say you are!, you would be the one everyone would run away from)
  • 1,2,3, stand at the wall (where one of you would stand at a wall and say the phrase, then turn around. The others would try to get to you, but if you happen to see someone moving, you’d tell that person and they would need to get back to the starting point)
  • country, country we want recruits (I know it might sound wrong to some of you, but it’s really fun. You split into two groups, then hold each other tight in a line. One of the group shouts Country, country, we want recruits!. The other replies who? and the first one replies with the name of someone in the second group. Then, the person called runs towards the group who was calling, between two of its members. If these persons manage to stop the runner, then the runner will join their group. If they do not, the runner returns to the original group. The side who gets only one person left, naturally, loses)
  • “Lapte gros” or “thick milk” (I don’t quite know the rules by heart myself, but you can read an explainer and see a video here - I never really played it myself, so my limbs are pretty much intact)

Then I was also watching a lot on Cartoon Network, we had cartoons like Ed, Edd & Eddy, Life with Louie, Scooby Doo, The Cramp Twins, Tom&Jerry, Looney Tunes etc.

Then some of my friends had bikes and we would compete against each other on a few streets around my neighborhood (that’s how I know that place so well I don’t even need a map to get around, lol).

I still ride my bike sometimes, but now I live at the top of a 10-floor building and it’s really inconvenient for me to get my bike up&down all the time (I cannot get it into the elevator either). So I mostly prefer to get outside and walk.

Indeed, for a teenager like you seem to be, it would be more fun to hang around with some friends, so why not just bring them over and play something 😁 Edit: you can also buy a ball if you can find one at a store.

Just make sure you don’t trash your house or something, haha.

Play safe!

@rysiek @gloating_swann If I were you, I’d log in right away. Otherwise how would my followers know that I’ll be more active on status.net going forward 😆

Tamura Corporation plans to manufacture electronic components in Romania

@Peter1986C or a calckey server for that matter. Doesn’t really matter 😁

@rysiek Maybe we could suggest server alternatives to people that complain about stuff.

e.g.: when someone says “hey, Mastodon is cool but I wish I could have quote-toots etc.” we could say “hey, come to libranet.de, we have this, but also that&this&etc. And you can get to keep your followers and follows”

@sexy_peach I guess. My only interaction with that platform was just seeing a movie there, back when piracy was rampant on it lmao. Otherwise I wouldn’t trust handing Russian Govt my data, lol.

@sexy_peach guess they just want to further turn VK into Facebook, or idk.

From what I know there are plenty of dating platforms in the post-soviet space as well (or platforms that are used for dating)

Social media company VK reportedly developing app to replace Tinder in Russia

@poVoq That’s not to be excluded now that I think of it. In the latest post Eugen said that they blocked some email domains used for this attack.

Russia stops reporting official oil and gas extraction data

Russian Finance Ministry to impose a one-time tax on all large companies except oil and coal concerns

Moldova Smashes Pro-Moscow Subversion Ring - Police

Thousands in Tbilisi rally against ‘foreign agents’ law which could prevent Georgia from joining EU or NATO. In photos.

After Putin’s patriotic rally, Moscow’s Luzhniki Stadium no longer suitable for soccer

Special forces in Tbilisi use water cannon and teargas against people protesting new law on ‘foreign agents’

Vladivostok water main bursts, leaving 30,000 people without heat and flooding streets
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Living in limbo The Lachin Corridor blockade has upended daily life in Nagorno-Karabakh — and there’s no end in sight

Ex-Russian military bomber engineer seeks asylum at U.S. border, offers military secrets

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Russian trolls are trying to get Ukrainian instance defederated from the Fediverse
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