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What if someone sets up an instance, make a post and manipulate the upvotes? Just give it a million upvotes. That would break the whole system…

Or a bit more subtle, every upvote is multiplied by 10.

That was an awesome game. I remember playing it with my friends and if you hit the top 10, we would write our name with ‘the best’.

It also had a level editor. I created one with a lot of jumps.

Good times!

I’m using a simple cheap usb switcher (Aten 2 x 4 USB 2.0 Switch). I have connected a mouse, keyboard, card reader. One machine is connect to the monitor via hdmi and the other via display port. I simply switch video via the buttons on the monitor. The third machine is a laptop that is not connected to the monitor.

A dedicated KVM would be a better option but I’m not willing to spend that much money.

That is an awesome sentence. I will use that one some time.

I personally think that everything has always gone to shit. But in the downfall, new things will take over until that goes to shit. Or maybe because there are new things the old things will go down.

Take the example of video stores. They used the be the best thing ever. Rent all the movies you would like to see for a small fee per movie. Then downloading and streaming came along. Streaming was cheaper and more convenient. Result: video renting business went to shit.

Then the streaming services started to raise their prices. It started going to shit. Soon new ideas/companies/services will swoop in and the cycle will repeat again.