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KDE Plasma and Gnome are different desktop environments. Kind of like the GUI of the desktop.

Which is best is a matter of taste. I prefer KDE because of its customization options and better virtual desktop support.

I’m feeling the opposite lately. YouTube recommendations suck. I often open the app/page for the quick dopamine rush, but few of the recommendations interests me, so I just bounce off. For me, YouTube is mostly for long form content nowadays. Something I can put in the background while cooking/doing dishes.

Instagram is turning more and more like TikTok. Sometimes it recommends me something fun (like cat videos), but often it’s just nonsense. So I bounce off quite quickly there as well.

I feel happy about it.

But locking the screen is not the purpose of xscreensaver. It’s mostly just an overlay with animations.

Screen locking yes, but that’s not screen saver.

On the topic of Microsoft support, I hate how useless support boards are. They’re always responding with the same template answers describing the exact steps the asker clearly stated they’ve already done with no results. Microsoft is far from alone in this, but I just wanted to rant a bit.

I think “15 hours ago” is fine. That one is quite precise. Showing date as “1 year ago” is not helpful. It could be anything between 2021-10-06 and 2022-10-05. It’s a huge span. In that time Ukraine got invaded and the Queen died.

I love it. That means I will hate Instagram more and use it less. Please, no quality of life improvements to that app.

Saying “1 week ago” or “1 month ago” instead of just saying the date. Dude, I want to know if this happened in August or September.

Tying NFTs to a physical object is quite pointless. It can make no guarantees that it’s the only NFT for that physical object, or if the physical object even exists.

You’re right. It will evolve into a different even more stupid scam on the blockchain. And people will fall for it again.

Does that mean I can make my poop glitter?

It’s good they’re financially insured in case they face some bad years. Who knows what will happen in the future.

I would be concerned if they barely had any cash reserves at all.

We take Wikipedia too much for granted.

It’s a service that has remained ad free to this day. No pop up asking you to be tracked. No pop up forcing you to create an account. No pop up asking you to subscribe to their news feed. It’s one of the few remnants left of the old open web.

If this weren’t the case then we wouldn’t have critical systems running Linux, FreeBSD etc.

Or pretty much any programming language. Or programming frameworks for that matter (in the topic of AI we got torch, tensorflow, numpy, etc.).

Or Git. Or Curl.

Specialization has always been a thing. Probably more so before. A carpenter wouldn’t just wake up and “nah, I’d rather work with pottery today”. The carpenter probably became a carpenter because their parents passed on their carpentering skills to them, so that’s what they do until they die.