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Right, but the algorithms that other social media sites use are designed to drive engagement, NOT to help you find things you like.

They want you angry and/or scared and/or jealous so you post, rage argue.

I know it may feel worse, but less content, less clickbait is better for us and our mental health.

I didn’t even realise how much raging I was doing on reddit. And for what? To argue with right wing dipshits or bots or trolls, so reddit’s numbers can go up and they can sell more ads.

Fuck algorithms and fuck rage bait.

The only solace I can offer is that I think most TOS have been deemed unenforceable since literarily no-one reads that shit.

Somone correct me if I’m wrong please.

By people, you mean the Republican voter. We Democrats can’t put pressure on our candidates about these issues because losing means a batshit insane right wing / nazi / Christian nationalist wins…

So we have to pick and chose our battles. I’ve got bigger issues than multi millionaires being allowed to trade stocks.

I think you are also cursed with the gene that makes you a dick.

Obviously there’s good and bad reasons to get tested.

The point is to be more mindful of who you share your data with. It’s to protect yourself, not to make you feel like a fool.

I often wonder which group of people is dumber, those that don’t believe in climate change or those that cheer it on like “humans need to die!”

If you are so high and mighty, why don’t you go first?

The rest of us sane people would like to fix the problem and live on this beautiful planet.

FFS keep the CIA out of other countries. They’ve caused chaos and terrorism everywhere they’ve gone.

To add to this, I have yet to meet a person in the real world who gives a shit about pronouns. I swear the whole thing is just an online phenomenon used to get people to fight over nonsense.

Absolutely. And let’s not also forget who the US was funding and supplying arms to during that time. You guessed it, Bin Laden and his freedom fighters…

Just fuckup after fuckup

Afghanistan was such a sad fuckup.

W invades them for Bin Laden, if we had put all our focus on the country maaaybe it would be better today… But of course W had to go oil hunting in Iraq splitting our resources.

Obama did nothing productive except drone people to death and allow warlords to take parts of the country because everyone was sick of losing soldiers for that hunk of land.

Trump comes in and of course knows nothing about nothing and orders a hasty withdrawal, that is then poorly executed by Biden.

Add to all of that, that the Afghan people simply do not feel a kinship to each other and democratic instincts do not exist due to the heavy influence of Islam, which retards the minds of already poorly educated people.

It all sucks from top to bottom and I feel awful for the women and children there that have to live now in that Islamofascist shithole.

Where do you people buy crypto? I made a coinbase account but those fees are insane. I’m not paying that shit.