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@sugar_in_your_tea probably a bit of a mixture given that she still has hit singles, but it seems to me that fan bases tend to age alongside musicians.

The teen girls I know are into Doja Cat and Black Pink etc.

The people who like the music I liked as a teen are mostly my age.


“a second genocide”

At this point it’s a question of do we count waves / phases of genocide as multiple genocides.

@boud Thanks for pointing out that distinction about the report. From what I have seen over the last few years from credible NGO reports, eyewitness testimony, video footage etc I am pretty sure it is a genocide.

I also agree with you that this is something I’d like to see tackled by AU or similar as a first option.


Her 5th studio album came out nearly 10 years ago. Plenty of her mainstream fans have grown old enough to vote by now.

@explodicle yeah, @Rapidcreek’s argument here hasn’t really flown since before Nuremburg.

@Syldon I agree, presumed innocent until proven guilty beyond reasonable doubt.

But it does sound to me that there’s definitely going to be a strong case for this prosecution.

According to OP’s article it had been used in a shooting. Still not really an excuse to kill its occupant though.


Here’s some from a more detailed article:

There are still many unknown details about Chris Kaba’s death. What we do know is that on 5 September, Kaba was driving through south London when an automatic number plate recognition camera flagged the car he was in as recently being linked to a firearms incident. The IOPC has said that the car was not registered under Kaba’s name.

Police officers then pursued Kaba, eventually performing a “controlled stop” – two police vehicles collided with his car, cornering him in Streatham Hill. A specialist firearms officer then fired a single shot at the driver’s side through the windscreen, hitting Kaba in the back of the head. He was taken to hospital, where he died two hours later. According to Kaba’s family, they were not told of his death for 11 hours.

After a thorough search of the car Kaba was driving, the IOPC reported that no firearm was found


No it hasn’t, but there are some police there with guns that are only supposed to be used as a last resort. Sounds like the shooter was one of those, but went a bit crazy:

by a Metropolitan Police firearms officer

will smolder for decades

@tallwookie maybe. The war in Tigray has many genocidal elements, including a man-made famine caused by destruction of crops, equipment, and water infrastructure.

So if the UN doesn’t do something, Abiy might be able to accomplish genocide in a shorter timeframe than that.

@Armen12 yes, this is definitely the case with food sanctions. After the US and the UN withdrew food aid to Ethiopia earlier this year, there were reports of more people dying because of it.

@Armen12 Abiy folded most of the opposition political parties into a “new” party so it is effectively a one party state these days. The big challenges to that came out of Tigray and Amhara.

If you are talking about American politics 🙄 then yes your Biden administration has been placing sanctions on the Ethiopian government because of the human rights situation there.

However it recently lifted the food sanctions. By all means write to your representatives about this.

Ethiopia: Mass killings continue, risk of further ‘large-scale’ atrocities
In Ethiopia, war crimes have continued unabated almost a year after a ceasefire was agreed between the country’s Government and forces from the northern Tigray region, UN-appointed independent rights experts said on Monday.

@doom_and_gloom yes I agree. I feel like Snowden had a lot more for us than we got.


I would bet the Russians know 100%

Their surveillance people do, sure - just like all the 5-Eyes governments obviously know 100% and so do any spooks from anywhere else with competent spy networks, including the Chinese, Israelis, etc etc.

That’s not really my point though. It’s ordinary people that need to know about it.

It’s a private company, it can choose which third party content suppliers to do business with.

Is that not the case where you live?

The most disturbing part of this for me is how:

  • 99% of Snowden’s revelations have never been published

  • several of the existing copies of Snowden’s documents have subsequently been destroyed

I also find it depressing that people like Appelbaum are routinely criminalized:

Public speeches made by Appelbaum taking a humorous and provocative tone and with titles like “Sysadmins of the World, Unite!” were interpreted as an attempt to recruit sources and as incitement to steal classified documents. To this day, however, there are no publicly-known charges against Appelbaum or Harrison.

Moon's ice not as old as believed, study finds
A new study finds that the Moon's ice deposits are much younger than previously believed, altering plans for future lunar exploration.

@Gsus4 I agree, slogans are nebulous at best, which is why they are so useful to politicians. I’m not the person who introduced the slogan (that was @appel, and as I said elsewhere I don’t actually agree with them that this is what it is - the Sahel is still in the clutches of global corporates).

I was just objecting because you seemed to be equating attempted decolonization with xenophobia towards powerless migrants in high income countries, and I don’t think that’s appropriate.

@Gsus4 … “Europe should be governed by Europeans” would have a different ring to it if Europe had been colonized by Africa and Africans were still having a massive input into how it was run, making Europe peg its currency to African currency, dispatching drones to bomb people at a wedding in the French countryside, mining mineral wealth and carrying it off to Africa, sending military “advisers” to tell Europeans how to govern etc etc etc.

All the bunkers in my part of the world are owned by Silicon valley billionaires/Russian oligarchs.

Thailand's LGBTQ+ community draws tourists from China looking to be themselves
Xinyu Wen traveled to Thailand in June, planning a two-week vacation around Bangkok’s Pride parade. But the 28-year-old ended up staying a month and a half, soaking up the Thai capital’s thriving LBGTQ+ community.

Police called to yoga class mistaken for ‘mass killing’
A member of the public in Chapel St Leonards, Lincolnshire, called emergency services to report people lying on the floor

‘Oh my god’: live worm found in Australian woman’s brain in world-first discovery
Woman complained of forgetfulness and depression before doctors pulled out an 8cm roundworm normally found in pythons

Cambodia: US, Turkish, Saudi Arabian, Chinese and Cambodian nationals sent to court for storming of Siem Reap dental clinic
11 people connected with the armed storming of a Siem Reap dentis's last week to free a foreign heroin smuggler have been sent to court in Phnom Penh

Erasing the Existence of 1,500 People: Britain's Ongoing Colonial Crime in the Indian Ocean
More than half a century ago, the British and the Americans established the Diego Garcia military base, breaking international law in the process. The locals were forcibly exiled. But now, after decades of court battles, the people who once called the Chagos Archipelago home are closer to returning than ever before.

Delivering aid to populations being slaughtered: The UN must rethink its approach to Myanmar
The press release about the recent visit to Myanmar by OCHA’s boss, Martin Griffiths, is proof positive of the UN’s institutional amnesia. Aid deliveries dominated the agenda, rather than the humanitarian disaster being inflicted by the junta. In its account of Mr Griffith’s meeting with coup leader, Min Aung Hlaing, it says in addition to the ‘need for expanded access’, Mr Griffiths raised ‘protection risks facing civilians’. This is perhaps the only reference to the gravest threat facing the people of Myanmar – the military. Reading this release, you might not have guessed that since the coup in February 2021, security forces have killed nearly 4,000 people and arrested over 24,000, according to the most conservative estimates, nor that massacres, mass arson attacks and indiscriminate aerial bombardments against civilians are a near daily occurrence. So what must the international community do? Put the people of Myanmar front and centre. Their immediate needs mut be met, but they want their rights, full political rights not just UN handouts. Aid is not a replacement for justice and dignity.

Nearly 80% of Texas' floating border barrier is technically in Mexico, survey finds
A joint U.S.-Mexico topographical survey found that 787 feet of the 995-feet-long buoy line set up by Texas are in Mexico.

Climbing death: What We Know About the Last Three Hours of Muhammad Hassan's Life on K2
The information surrounding Muhammad Hassan's death was sketchy. We try to piece together what happened and why no effort was made to rescue him.

Niger Mutiny: Another U.S.-Trained Military Officer Led Coup
Troops from Niger ousted the country’s democratically elected president, Mohamed Bazoum, last week. One of the coup leaders had previously received training from the U.S. government, becoming the 11th coup in the region led by U.S.-trained officers since 2008.

Bank of America-led "Debt-For-Nature" swap for Gabon moves ahead with $500 Million bond
Gabon’s debt-for-nature swap is edging closer to reality as the African nation tests international markets with a $500 million bond deal. The notes, which are being sold by the Gabon Blue Bond Trust and marketed by Bank of America, are expected to price as soon as Wednesday, according to people familiar with the matter, who asked not to be named because the matter is private. The new debt will be used to help fund a buyback of existing sovereign debt and finance environmental protection efforts.

Cambodia: five decades on from the Khmer Rouge, Hun Sen proves himself the ultimate survivor with his plan to hand power to his son
As he prepares to hand over power to his son after 38 years in power, veteran Cambodian leader Hun Sen, has come a long way since his early days as a Khmer Rouge fighter.

Report shows Ethiopian civil war more lethal than Ukraine war
The two-year war in northern Ethiopia resulted in approximately 100,200 deaths before an African Union-brokered ceasefire was reached in November 2021, a new report reveals. In comparison, the Ukraine-Russia war that began in February led to 81,500 deaths, the same source added.

WHO warns Nigeria, other countries on 'Naturcold' contaminated cough syrup
The World Health Organisation (WHO) has alerted Nigeria and other countries on contaminated **‘Naturcold Syrup’** discovered in Cameroon The organisation gave the notification in a Medical Product Alert posted on its website. It said that the substandard product was unsafe and their use, especially in children, may result in serious injury or death. According to WHO, the toxic effects can include abdominal pain, vomiting, diarrhoea, inability to pass urine, headache, altered mental state and acute kidney injury which may lead to death.