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I feel like tech people worry too much about AGI which is a bit baffling to me. I don’t think AGI is even conceivable at this point because of which a lot of what they talk about sounds like scifi world building.

Like when Hotz says that AI technologies will improve exponentially, I don’t know how he can just accept that as a fact. Sounds a bit tech utopian.

What I worry about more is that the internet is gonna be flooded with AI generated garbage to exploit SEO for clicks. I don’t want AI to replace artists, voice actors, programmers etc. because the current trajectory seems to be heading towards removing removing human labour so that the capitalist class can keep a bigger chunk of the profit rather than towards AI being used as a tool to enhance productivity.

AI being a monopoly of big corporations is also an issue. I don’t know what kind of resources it takes to train and run an LLM. But a corporation like OpenAI flush with vulture capital money will be much better placed to run the whole training pipeline. It must be a very labour and compute intensive process that a non-profit will not be able to match even if the underlying algorithms are open source. I doubt software running on a consumer’s machine like LLAMA will be able to compete with something like GPT.

I am not being coherent because I try to keep myself out of the loop when it comes to AI because I have a knee jerk aversion towards the technology. But I hope I made a semblance of a point. AGI scare is a red herring. Execute Bill Gates.

“technical finesse of elon musk with the wits and charm of tony stark” this is as far as i got

Is Cory Doctorow some sort of controlled opposition? I don’t know much about him but he has made a career out of being anti-big tech. This in itself would not alarm me but he says he has given talks in Google offices about this. I cannot imagine someone truly a threat to Google would be allowed to do this.

It could but it also could not. It’s too early to say and it’s too up in the air despite how impressive the technology is. That’s why I think it’s very arrogant on their part to talk like they are gonna be the ones to usher in AGI.

Only learnt this today but apparently OpenAI explicitly aim for AGI in their charter
Their charter: OpenAI is the company behind ChatGPT among other AI products. I try to keep myself out of the loop when it comes to AI because I end up hearing about it anyway so I wasn't aware of this charter. For the unaware, AGI stands for Artificial General Intelligence. It basically means a form of AI that is extremely advanced and general-purpose like human intelligence is. For contrast, ChatGPT and Stable Diffusion (for example) are highly specialised. The former generates text response to text input and the latter generates images in response to text input. Despite both these AI technologies of today being very impressive (even if their proprietors try to obscure the training and energy cost), the path to achieving AGI is pretty much inconceivable at present. Current AI technologies may have exploratory value in achieving AGI in some far future. But AGI is most likely not going to be built upon currently existing technologies and is going to be a different beast altogether provided it exists in the first place. Given this, I find it absolutely baffling that OpenAI is talking about AGI like they do. This is the same level of delusion as Elon Musk talking about Mars colonisation. But given that techbros see themselves as the stewards for the next step in civilisational evolution, I guess it should come as no surprise that they eat this shit up uncritically. I'm not sure what role these generative AIs will play in the near future. I am trying to figure out whether they will primarily be sold to corporations to cut labour cost or to end users to boost productivity. But talking of AGI and AI singularity and far fetched shit like that is a pure marketing stunt.

There are people there saying React and Rust’s memory safety are authoritarian.

A few days ago an article was posted said life expectancy of American men was 6 years shorter than women’s. Some folks there thought it disproves the existence of patriarchy.

The comment it is in reply to says:

At all levels of government we’re (worldwide) making due with less while these fucking parasites grow.

So Yogthos provides a counterpoint where a government is investing in the lower rungs of the society instead of squeezing them. If you want to dispute the mentioned facts it’s one thing but the comment is still relevant and not out-of-nowhere China shilling.

If you search for open source airtable alternative you will find stuff like

I have never used these though so good luck.

while Nestle has very questionable practices in 3rd world countries

Nestle has awful practices everywhere

Could this software be of any use to me if I am just an end user? I use torrents a lot but don’t understand the technology and terminology behind it.

I feel like people forget he was sort of a segregationist too talking about how he did not what his children to grow up in a racial jungle.

I am not sure of the specifics but their website says

GitLab’s open core is published under an MIT open source license. The rest is source-available. Everyone can contribute to making GitLab better. View our transparent roadmap and propose features your project needs.

GitLab is not completely open source. It is owned by a for profit corporation.

Codeberg runs on Forjego which is open source. It is run by a non-profit.

The article targets a specific type of person who buys AI marketing wholesale rather than someone who just has a positive opinion of AI.

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Need advice regarding setting up network on LAN with Raspberry Pi
Title is a bit vague because I don't know the correct terms to phrase it properly. I have a Raspberry Pi that I use to run jellyfin, transmission, blocky, soju. Recently I added libreddit to it seeing how the rate limits are affecting public instances. The problem is that currently if I need to go my libreddit instance, I have to go to 192.168.0.x:xxxx which is extremely unfun to type. Is there a way I can access it more elegantly? One solution I found was to configure blocky with a custom DNS that points to the RPi where I can configure an nginx reverse proxy so that lr.rpi.local for example serves libreddit. Any other ideas for this?

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