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Mastodon allows you to block an instance too. Maybe Pixelfed allows it too?

I’ve always seen per-house solar panels to supplement the energy requirement which is mostly met through conventional means. Do you have an example of “decentralised solar and wind” energy meet the needs completely?

Not what you are thinking about but I really like statically generated pages like teddit, libreddit, nitter etc. do.

It feels odd hearing messages like this. The assumption seems to be that we can have a world exactly as we do today except that energy needs are met by renewables rather than fossil fuels which seems unlikely.

I know just one guy who did (mark zuckerberg)

I would be wary of using their flagship homeserver seeing how the org is devoid of spine but the software itself should still be fine.

I’m taking about instant noodles. There are Korean ones I found recently that are extremely spicy. They are called nongshim or something like that. Soya chunks I just buy from the store and chuck them in the water as it is boiling.

Super spicy Korean noodles with soya chunks for protein

From my experience most people are still using undetermined since it’s the default choice and they don’t bother changing or don’t know they can change.

How do you get subreddit rss feeds?

This is a level of insanity I never knew existed. These are volunteer packers who work for only tips.

They aren’t worried about matrix because ever since Musk bought Twitter people have suddenly started caring about mastodon and activitypub. Not that I agree with the toot but the assumption is that corporate actors can use this scenario and mastodon to jumpstart their twitter alternative or something like that. Because of this mastodon has been getting a lot of attention. People don’t care about matrix yet.