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What are the cultural regions of USA?
How did they form? What are their specific traits? Stereotypes (even untrue, if marked as such)? If cultural differences coincide with geography, please mention in, too. In the questions about weird things people from different continents do somebody pointed out, that Europeans have little knowledge of this, so please fix my ignorance.

You could be also interested in democratic confederalism, however I don’t know how does the curdish reality look like.

L’Arroseur Arrosé. That will show them not to block the sunlight with their ship.

(It would also show them our love for beauty, aour dependency on water, sense of humour and sense for justice.)

I’m from Europe, so there are only apes, and I don’t want to keep theses, as the area aound me is heavilly overbeed. However, I consider keeping/supporting nonsocial bees (or bumblebees), but I haven’t started yet.

TIL varroas have been found in Australia, I’m sorry for that.
And thank you for the explanation.

Can you elaborate how much is stingless-bee-keeping different from apis-mellifera-beekeeping?

That eggs are made in factories. I still haven’t made peace with this, and lurk around egg equivalents (I’m not vegan).

Also when I was in kindergarden, I had terrible idea about how the map of our village looks like.

Also when the leap years were introduced, the priests (who were to take care of the calendar) didn’t understand what dis “every four years” mean, and used to put a leap year every three years.

TIL How to Train Your Dragon is originally a book. Thank you.

The sign of a ball with three rays shall be repulsive for thee, thou shalt not enter any shelter nor edifice with the sign of a ball with three rays, nor destroy spoken buildings.

And to react to @bool@lemm.ee I would probably be able to write some primitive method of computing the logarithms.

Rosa Canina
I’ve allways wanted to have a floral name.

I don’t really care
where the money go
even though you’ve said
that I should have known.

I’m interested in
mechanism of vote
it’s my nerdy thing
just let me enjoy’t.

Let’s use Condorcet,
not FPTP,
even two-round set
is pretty shitty.

'lectoral treshold
I want it to cease
so that we could vote
for minor parties.

Last year you could see
it has real effect
I would be happier
without this deffect.

From the experience of the Czech republic:
Most of the trains are run by private companies on behalf of the regional governments (chosen in a public competition). This has increased the quality of trains, while price (and, sadly, timetables) remains regulated by the region.
On the major lines, private companies operate also on their own, and even though the last-minute-in-rush-hour ticket are expensive, you can travel cheaply if you book it in advance and in less used hours.
(Also, until a year ago, one of the companies found a way how to misuse the governments’ discounts, making tickets for students&seniors practically costless/paid by state, but that’s another story.)

There Are many ecosystems that hardly depend on human activity. Fields And cities, but also fragile places as orchid maedows.
In some parts of world (Europe definitelly), these ecosystems evolved right after the end of the last ice age, there was no interregnum of “Wild forests” (with this part I’m not so sure, but if it weren’t true, It doesn’t affect the main argument).
Without humans, these ecosystems would rapidly get destroyed by bushes And forests, part of the manifold world would have gone.

And yes, I aknowledge that were destroing these ecosystems too, by industrialized agronomy. And I understand the feeling nature=forests without human disturbing, but it’s simply not the whole picture.

Also changing your name when you’re adult should be normalized - just so, without ressons.

Are you speaking about that english, which has the same word for “you” and, ehm “you”?