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mfs doing stuff like this really need to stop living in america bruh 💀

no, but sometimes you’ll go to all kinds of far away and hard-to-access destinations to get a particular tattoo 🤷‍♀️

easy, just go on a fast (eat nothing, can drink water and zero cal energy drinks) and/or very low cal keto (avocados), take vitamin and electrolyte supplements

comrade linus 🫡🫡

but also he’s finnish, which is communist, so he’s obviously a communist smh 🤷‍♀️

not from a super hot place, but we do get up to like 35-40 degrees in the summer at times

best way to cool is to open windows at night, close them and the blinds during the day, submerge yourself in water for additional cooling :)

my brother in christ, read the article, it has a source directly linking to a government website publishing preliminary drafts of legislative documents

kinda sick of ppl here not bothering to extend their critique of the source material beyond publisher bad lmao

latte with oat milk + cig 👩‍🍳🤌

(suppresses appetite and tasty, honestly ditch the cig even, i haven’t eaten in days)

because a talking point of some state department isn’t inherently right or wrong, rather you should evaluate the point on its own merit

you’ll probably not help that by accusing everyone with an opinion you dislike of being a cia, then it’ll be more like an eco chamber 🤷‍♀️

all of them are a useless insult used to avoid addressing the point

a person supporting nato = cia? y’all need to chill, this isn’t nearly important enough to demand such attention bruh

an account named after a movie character, about 4 months old, being supportive of the west? literally like all of reddit would be cia by that criterion lol

PinePhones start shipping - All You Need to Know
can't wait :) mobile devices liberated at last

DuckDuckGo is Now a Default Search Engine Option on Android in the EU
The title is copied from the article, it's a little misleading, since the users are given the option of choosing from multiple search engines *including* DDG, Google and others

Jellyfin: The Free Software Media System
For anyone looking for Plex/Emby replacement, whose developments have gone astray. For those unfamiliar, Jellyfin is a libre fork of Emby, which (similar to Plex) has gone closed-source, resorted fully to the freemium model, to the point where it's literally not possible to use the free version, started including tremendous amounts of telemetry (mostly Plex). And just on a basic level, it sounds a bit ridiculous to pay for software for media that you provide **yourself** hosted on the hardware that you provide **yourself**. Anyway, the project is kind of in the early state, but the development is rather fast, just in the couple months that I've been using it a lot of things have been improved/introduced, most important for me being: - iOS clients have been released - pause/resume is now universal across all devices for the same user (i.e. start playing on one device, continue watching on another one from the moment you stopped) There's native support for Linux, macOS and Windows (why would you use those?) and Docker and Kubernetes images available. Anyway, the developers are committed to keep the software libre forever, so that's a nice thing :) *btw are we posting software recommendations here?*