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Yes, the design and some of the functionalities. mastodon base design is very flat and does not look very modern. also i need the likes and other reactions, i need the groups.

Anyone has an idea to how to deploy Gab's code?
anyone successfully deployed Gab's code? https://code.gab.com/gab/gab-open-source if yes, how you did it?

Oh Russia is collapsing… western media since Feb 2022. Thanks for giving the opportunity to Russia to start a new order.

Czech protesters rally against government's pro-Western policies
Oooops, bad news to Blyatnesky, someone no longer want to be part of his childish game.

Any plans to support Open Graph in Lemmy?
Do lemmy team has any plans to support Open Graph in lemmy? so the users can embed videos and pictures from social media instead of a link only?

The don’t even need, as long as the private defense contractors want to make money. the world will keep in war.

The US is seeking a new war, after success ones in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Is the Russians only using the American nuck tech in Ukraine? of course not, they put their hands on many advanced weapons took them back to Russia to create like them and make development.

its like a gold mine to them, they had enough American technology in 1 year more than all years of spy war during the cold war.

Its to late, no one will give up his/her product for stupid regulations.

The International Criminal Court issues an arrest warrant for Putin
What a bunch of clowns. everyday i feel more and more that the Europeans are bunch of clowns used by the Americans. how about an arrest warrant for people who started war in Iraq and Afghanistan? oh they are Americans, the clows Europeans cannot do anything about the Americans.

Can i install lemmy's backend from the master branch but connect it to a front-end from other repo?
I want to install lemmy's backend from lemmy's master branch but use other lemmy UI who supports RTL. is this possible? if yes, how can be done?

What are the best recommended server specs for lemmy and which Linux distribution?
What are the best recommended server specs for lemmy and which Linux distribution? for testing purposes.

what is Lemmy and what is lemmy-ui on github?
on GitHub lemmy has 2 repositories. i'm wondering what is Lemmy and what is lemmy-ui? which one is used for installation?

Peace means weapons sales at the minimum. not good for the americans.

I’m a pregnant male now because of Russia. F you Russia. 😂 The western world is getting silly more than ever.

White House defends decision to shoot down flying objects
In every country when an airspace violation occur, its identified as airspace violation by telling the type, except to the US who always came with flying objects stories since the cold war, the question is, why only the US gets flying objects? no other country reports these things? is the US on a different plant than earth? China has WMD`s, i guess the WMD story will not work this time to start a war, so the Americans will come with new thing.

Exactly, Don’t forget Germany as well. because Germany is still the 51st state of US.

This is expected for sure but not now. the US needs to finish and commission the Semi-conducteurs factories first. then yes, bye bye taiwan.

If the Americans really wants freedom for nations then why they don`t call for the independence of Hong Kong, Tibet or other regions? why only taiwan?

Should i follow the same official guide to install lemmy fork?
Please excuse my question it might be stupid, but i found a lemmy fork who supports RTL on github and i may install it for test, i want to check if i should follow the standard lemmy installation steps or i must do something lese?

I can't reach replies to my comments
Every time I'm clicking on a notification to see replies to my comments i'm getting the below message: 404: TypeError: Cannot read properties of undefined (reading 'comment')

Yeah true, i believe that as long as it comes from a western media. Like the iraqi WMDs and 2 billion dollars al-qaida training camp in Afghanistan.

Then the west should stop supporting Ukraine and push for peace talk instead of sending weapons. otherwise, we will have a nuclear war.

Can this be used for social news sharing, like lemmy?

Facebook had enough engineers and computing power did Facebook kill Snapchat or TikTok? I believe the original idea can win at the end whenever you have in hand to compete.

Did google kill Facebook with google+? Did microsoft kill android with windows phone?

I don’t know, i might be wrong!

Is chatGPT going to end more than 20 years of Google control over search engines?
chatGPT recently started making it loud, that way Microsoft rushed to pour $10 billion into it, so with this new model, are we going to witness the end of Google control over the way we search?

I agree with you. I said this few days ago, and people were not happy. i don`t know what is the idea behind this, Elon is not the only Jet owner. unless someone want to get famous by bothering some rich guy.

Can i get updates from Lemmy if i deploy my fork on Gitea?
I'm not that technical person, i need to hear from you. I'm planning to hire someone to modify a Lemmy fork for me as i need to add new features, also i have to declare the source code to align with AGPL-3. The question is, if i put my code on self-hosetd Gitea can i get the important updates from the master brunch of lemmy on github? especially the security updates. Please tell me if this is possible!