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🤔 That is awfully expensive. I’m very eager to get rid of InDesign, since I’m on Linux and I have to run it on a Windows VM, which isn’t too bad, but can be kind of a pain. What features (that are important to you) do you not get if you’re only using the free version?

Has anyone used Viva Designer?
And if so, do you like it? How does it compare to InDesign?

Protesters take over NYC streets to tell Joe Biden to “end fossil fuels”
Is this a realistic demand? What say you, fellow Beehawers?

Yes. Need to quickly scan book barcodes and generate list of books

The Clean Energy Future Is Arriving Faster Than You Think
Finally, a climate-related headline that doesn't make me anxious

😡Just learned that blocking a caller on android doesn't block their voicemails😡
How fucking stupid is that? Sorry, but not having a good morning. This is like when I found out you can't set the number of rings either. Sometimes I just want to smash all my tech and go back to rocks, sticks, and leaves.

Unfortunately I think the app data for spices is kept in the home folder which isn’t affected by snapshots, but thanks for your answer!

Rollback Linux Mint Cinnamon Spices to earlier version?
The latest update to Cinnamenu has completed messed up the display of my menu. I never did figure out how to rollback cinnamon spices to an earlier version, could someone please help me with this? Little things like this drive me crazy.

Sorry to hear. On the off chance that this might be helpful instead:

Didn’t know about ThiftBooks, thanks for mentioning.👍 And, possibly stupid question, how is supposed to work exactly? Was never quite clear on that.

Unfortunately, yes. Sometimes buying from them is unavoidable, since they seem to have more books listed than anywhere else. I recommend alibris, not as big, but not owned by amazon. Sometimes if I find a book on Abe, I’ll check and see if the same seller is on alibris, which they often will be. Alibris also actually lets you rate the seller unlike abe!

Besides Goodreads, Amazon also, unfortunately, owns or has stakes in Book Depository, Abebooks, & LibraryThing.

EDIT: thanks to all who replied. Maybe I should have written “what’s the easiest way to verify an apk file on an android phone?” Unfortunately, I guess I’m not smart enough to understand your answers 🙁

Otherlands & Skeptic’s Guide both “win,” although at least in part because those are the only two our local B&N had! Even so all of these sound interesting and will be added to my list. Thanks to all who responded.

I’m really afraid that the current efforts at decarbonization, or whatever you want to call it, will end up being too little too late. I thankfully will never have children, but even so, leaving a dying planet behind me doesn’t make me happy.

Newer generation nuclear plants have been designed to be safer and cooled by other means than water, but whether those will ever get built still seems up in the air.

For anyone who would like to read a sci-fi series about what terraforming Mars might look like, there’s The Martian Trilogy by Kim Stanley Robinson

Can’t the powers that be at reddit just flip a switch somewhere and remove the mods’ ability to make subreddits private? Presumably if they could they would have done so by now (but if not, 🤫!!!)

Sorry, couldn’t resist

Right, I didn’t necessarily see it as an either/or type thing–I think we can and should do both!–however, if it does come down to one or the other, it’s got to be earth first.