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When I was growing up they used to say “brush after every meal” and then it became three times per day, now it’s “please just brush twice at some point”.

That is what people miss. This is “the system”. It starts and ends with government and “we” chose this (I’m Canadian, we have similar issues but not as extreme, yet).

By continually voting in sociopathic narcissistic social climbers as both public and private sector policy makers (think of shareholders and corporate governance boards) we ensure the system is rigged for the top dogs.

The truth is the system could work in the average person’s favour very easily but it would mean limiting some personal freedoms; mostly of very, very rich people. It also would require the average person to get off the “everyone is exploiting me, so I need to do that to them first” treadmill.

Many people have never been on that treadmill (never had the chance or donate excess income or time to local food banks, etc).

The very, very rich don’t care. They simply maximize the profit in any situation. Put them in prison and they’ll give out legal advice for cigarettes and turn that into a burner phone they use to call their Cayman Islands broker.

It’s the upper/upper-middle people who will feel the pain as income is redistributed to poverty stricken people. And if we just impose ubi without fixing the “CEO problem” it will simply lead to inflation. Sucess of ubi programs is entirely due to it happening in a local market. Expand globally without fixing capitalism and you get inflation.

A socialist approach that still allows significant room for upwrd mobility (e.g. CEO can make up to 10x minimum wage, as a non-expert guess) with some type of employee representation on the board of large businesses (state imposed labour union) would probably do it.

Then make ubi contingent on minor public service with free daycare that you can use when performing said services (exception if you have more than 2 kids under 12, or are disabled in some way) say two days a week (networking, activity, build resume) would be a brainstorming idea to workshop.

Don’t shop there. It’s the only thing they care about. And tell people you know or can influence via social media or other means.

I was raised in a place that gets a lot of rain back before kids got driven everywhere. If you wanted to go anywhere, do anythng like camping or whatever, you had to be ok with rain.

One of my favorite things was getting home soaked and cold, getting changed into dry clothes, and having a nice cup of tea from the pot that was always waiting under a cosy. Such a wonderful feeling.

I destroy anything that isn’t metal out if clumsiness but I love this general design (the Norwegian teapot). Congrats on yours, really enjoyed the history of it.

The switch to something like a Microsoft natural fixed me very quickly! That’s all I use to this day but a day doesn’t go by without me thinking fondly of my heavy, noisy, IBM PS/2 keyboards. :)

I would be like you but my wrists scream on anything that isn’t split! Thank you for living the dream!

Mine has stretched a lot in the abdominal area and the dense, protective covering on the top is thinning and gray. Probably not worth trading in at this point so I’ll run it into the ground.

I was under the impression that they crawled web sources but it seems like lots of copyrighted work was used.

I hadn’t heard of getting “illegal” data sets before so I looked into it and it sounds like they might have done that. Wow.

Link for the curious: https://www.theverge.com/2023/7/9/23788741/sarah-silverman-openai-meta-chatgpt-llama-copyright-infringement-chatbots-artificial-intelligence-ai

I knew a guy in university who absolutely reeked. He was a really nice person and I befriended him in a casual way (like sit together in a lecture, chat in the hall). It was clearly a medical thing but people ostracized him and talked behind his back about how he must never shower. I felt really bad for him.

I have been saying for a while the compute cost and copyright lawsuits are going to be a real bubble burst.

I always listened to different genres with my son (still do)!

Seeking to understand speaker phone use in public
I'm traveling with family this weekend in a touristy place and have been out in public in crowded areas. I am really shocked by the number of people who have loud, personal conversations on the phone in speaker mode. This ranges from walking down the sidewalk, to in line for washrooms, to seated restaurant dining. I've heard people say that it's because the phone speaker breaks (for their ear) but I've never had that happen in all the years I've destroyed phones and never had a friend or colleague say that happened. Other people say it's because the glass is cracked and they worry about cutting their face, etc. My personal bias is this is inconsiderate but then I ask myself how is it different from talking to a person next to them, say. I'm willing to be change my mind here. People who do this, please explain what's going on so I can sleep at night. :)