#FamilyMan been married for >15 years and have two daughters. Those three girls are my greatest love on this planet.

I consider myself a #GNU Evangelist. Learning about what #FreeSoftware was, including GNU/Linux, opened my eyes to so many things: governments aren’t the only ones stealing individual rights, I know so much less about computers than I thought I did, the idea of code, I can make a difference without having to know anyone particular.

I’m employed as contract Engineer in the Metal industry. My workplace is not yet unionized, but I’m hoping to fix that. #Union member of the #IWW IU440. I don’t have an engineering degree. After discovering Free Software I took my political scientist butt and found a call center job that paid for me to go to Community College to study Software Engineering, where I learned that I liked the idea of coding a lot more than I liked coding. The blessings of God put some great opportunities in my lap at just the right time.

I’m a #Libertarian and have been for over 20 years. The love of libertarianism is what lead me to first to a BS in #political science and later to falling in love with Free Software. These days I lean toward the left side of the libertarian spectrum including being a member of the Libertarian #Socialist Caucus of the Libertarian Party (LSC-LP). Sometimes I call myself a #LibSoc.

I’m a huge #sports fan, but don’t following any particular sport/team super closely. Lately I’ve been getting into #Cricket in addition to my other passions of Professional #Wrestling, Lower Division North American #Soccer, NHL & College #hockey, #baseball #olympics & #rugby (union and #RugbyLeauge). My whole life used to be American #Football, but now-a-days I can’t stand it anymore than I can basketball.

I’m a #BornAgain #Christian, accepting #Jesus as my savior at age 9. Received #Believers Baptism at age 18. Received the baptism of the #HolySpirit as evident in speaking in #tougnes later that year. The #Spirit lead me to the #Catholic #Church at age 20 where I was confirmed at the Easter Vigil. I am a grateful believer in Jesus Christ in #recovery from lust. #XA #SA #CR Currently in the very early stages of discernment for joining the #Ecumenical order of #Fransicans (#OEF).

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@yogthos why is this article even written? He doesn’t even say anything.

@OptimusPrime Interesting. Just one question, why did you feel it belonged in !science

I forgot I have a bookwyrm account but the import of my CSV “library book queu” the way I wanted to I haven’t really liked at it again, though I had planned to massage the data and find out

@_ed feel free to join us a libranet.de

@OptimusPrime Friendica (which I’m posting from right now) Pump.io, Plemora/Soapbox, Mastodon, GNU Social, Mobilzon (which is like MeetUp), i think that’s it, unless you count XMPP/Jabber, Matrix, and email which are also federated services.