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  • Bitwarden. Didn’t take long to start supporting them as the price point is incredibly reasonable.
  • Mastodon (monthly donation to instance admin)
  • Some random Android apps which have a paid/plus version and a free one. I use my free Google credits to upgrade, so doesn’t actually cost me anything but supports the developer. I tihnk the first I did this with was ACalendar.

  1. will sync to Discord and then allow indexing. The owner of the Discord server will need to set it up though, so probably doesn’t help unless it’s your own Discord.

Probably not what you’re after, but there’s a new Fediverse bookmarking tool called Postmarks

I use this on all my Pis.

I like Audacious. It does everything I need it to do and doesn’t have an oversized webesque GUI.

Harmoniod looks nice but I think the GUI would annoy me (pretty as it is). I might try it out though.

Umm… maybe. It went into my cup* of knowledge!

*I put something else here but it got corrected and then I couldn’t remember what I put.

I read the entire set of Amiga manuals, and the one for the Spectrum +3 (we’re stretching the definition of Operating System here, but +3DOS is still an operating system)

I believe it’s to do with hand cleanliness. When you enter, you push the door as your hands are dirty (maybe shove it with your arm or something), then when you leave your hands are (supposed to be) clean so you pull the door as it’s a nice clean handle to grab.

I don’t get it either, but that’s what I’ve heard as the reason.

Making Amiga IFF Thumbnails Work in Linux
cross-posted from: > I was having an email conversation with Stoo Cambridge, and he mentioned that he was having trouble making his Linux machine display thumbnails of Amiga IFF/ILBM files. It turns out I have a solution for him, so I am sharing it here to help anyone else.

I used to use K9 long time ago, but had issues with notifications not working properly. I’ve been using something not FOSS which was OK but I wasn’t 100% happy with. After reading about FairEmail on another thread the other day, I’ve now adopted that and so far it is working great. It has way too many options though!

I’m not a bot. I am a bunny.