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It’s crazy to me how people dont know this.

Cooking saves so much money, its incredible.

Yikes. One thing is supporting privacy, and another to call oneself a proud terrorist. Imagine calling yourself a proud 9/11 plane crasher.

Third option is he is comparing himself to a female dog

If you are indian, why are you called mexican cartel?

“hurr durr, the driver was stupid.” but that just sounds to me like “hurr durr, that woman with third degree burns should have known McDonalds coffee was as hot as plasma.”

It doesn’t sound like that to me.

One is McDonald’s directly gave her a something that caused the damage.

The other is a guy decided to use maps and didn’t paid attention to where he was going.

From now, i will ask google for every decision I make in my life that way I can sue them if they fuck up.

I hate these billionaire companies, but this aint it.

Like all technologies, in good hands can do so much good. In wrong hands can do so much damage.

And we all know which is going to happen.

I was using the mattress selector and tbh I just put “no preference” to almost all things cause i have no idea what im looking for

I did it once and they kicked me out of the store. They didn’t even let me put my pants back on

[Venting] Guy in my office has the fattest ass I have seen (in real life)
One guy in my office has the fking fattest ass I have seen in my life. He is just so god damn fine. I commute with the bike and so a lot of people here in my office and we have showers to freshen up. People know im gay and no one really cares (except one russian guy, but thats another story). Anyway there is this guy, mid 40s, that I can sense a small pinch of fruitiness. He has really the fattest most delicious bubble butt that I have seen in my life. I dont see him often in the showers, as we arrive at different times, but once or twice a month I will meet him in the showers, and my eyes just can't! I thought he was gay, but he is married. The interesting thing is, he brought his wife once to an office thing and his wife is really butch, like if he is completely straight, he is definitely getting pegged (which I completely support!) Anyway, I dont have anyone to talk about these things in real life, so there.

Whats the deal with china and taiwan? Is it the same shit as russia and ukraine?

Edit: why am i being downvoted? Am i not allowed to be uninformed?