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Tarkus is a great album. ELP and Yes are my fav prog-rockers.

If you haven’t check out Yes - Close to the Edge, and Fragile. They rule.

Currently listening to a lot of Calexico. Favorite album of theirs is Feast of Wire, but they released a new one that is 🔥 , El Mirador

Check your language settings, make sure you have undetermined selected.

Nice, I’m def excited abt it. I’ve been re-writing some of my smaller web-apps with it, and its been great to work with. I’ve invested years in the jsx / react / inferno model, and have been waiting for something in rust that reaches inferno’s performance. I think we’re finally there.

Also sleepless I really need to interest you in some leptos / cargo-leptos . It takes a lot of inspiration from solid, and I’ve been making some smaller test projects with it, and love it.

In a few weeks I also want to start a minimal lemmy front end using it, and we could potentially build that together rather than duplicating efforts on different UIs.

I think the best UIs to gain inspiration from nowadays, aren’t on the web, but smartphone apps. There’s a ton of variety and ways to display social-networks. And in the case of reddit, the app UIs are better than the site itself.

I made jerboa taking inspiration from boost, a really clean reddit client. But you could take any app UI, and create a web UI using it as inspiration.

Another one: you could easily make lemmy into a facebook / conventional social network type interface. You could even make the comment feed the primary view, rather than posts.

For sure, an image gallery-type site could be neat.

Tons of reasons why this is a really bad idea, and I’m staunchly against it.

  • It breaks accessibility.
  • Its completely unpredictable. Which clicks open new tabs, and which ones don’t? How do I know a click won’t open a new tab?
  • Having every click just open in the same tab is predictable, explicit, and is the norm for most of the web (except the annoying sites which open things in new tabs regardless of if we want them to).
  • Its super easy on any browser to do anything @OsrsNeedsF2P@lemmy.ml recommended.
    • Sites that open things in new tabs don’t give you that choice. It opens in a new tab whether you wanted it to or not.

I can’t really use mastodon for the same reason… I like following interests and communities, not people.

After I follow a few ppl that post a few times a day, it becomes a full time job just to read ppl’s posts. I have no idea how so many ppl use the twitter model.

No, there’s no such feature. You could work on it though.

What benefits does it have over NewPipe / NewPipe + SponsorBlock?

Do you have undetermined language selected in your settings?

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Anyone have a good recommendation for open source continuous integration (CI) ?
We have been using a self-hosted drone for a long time, and now they're telling us we need to purchase a license 💩