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Dang, I definitely misread your first question then - I thought you were trying to argue that he was being unreasonable, but I can’t imagine any scenario in which I’d want anything to do with something that got me swatted; I like to think I’m big and bad but I don’t think anyone wouldn’t be scared shitless and at Defcon 1 24/7 after that.

Like, take this conversation; I misread your commentary - maybe you get mad and swat me; what’s my move?

  • Bounce on lemmy and consider moving house. Change my name. Maybe move to a different country. There’s no way I’d risk that shit again; risking your life over some petty internet bullshit isn’t worth it.

I’m confused as to the purpose of your question. Are you asserting he deserved to be swatted? Otherwise, why else does it matter what events lead to said swatting?

I mean, from his perspective, how the fuck is he supposed to tell? It’s not like psychopaths have the courtesy of tattooing “I’m really excited to try to kill you” across their forehead

That guy is pretty sensitive to everyone and everything

including recent swatting attacks

Sounds like he’s the exact right level of sensitive, since swatting attacks are attempted murder-by-cop

I was curious for more facts other than my dated impressions of the last 2 decades and i found this thread on reddit: https://www.reddit.com/r/explainlikeimfive/comments/2104ih/eli5_why_pirated_movies_are_usually_distributed/

According to this thread, the compression isn’t as good as I thought it was. So, TIL! I wanted to make sure to share it since I was spreading some incorrect info - though I probably got it the exact same way I got this, which is “some guy said it on the internet”. I suppose I could run some tests to see, though.

nah it actually compressed a lot of binary files in spanned archives better than the more common zip/gzip computing mechanisms. ace files do even better and if you combo the two you can shave off even more.

back in the olden days, it was about compression because “high speed internet” was like 1.5mbps. inertia is still going to play a part, too. i think these days it’s just a cultural thing more than anything, though that’s just my impression

Correct, but only in the case of you import package.path.ClassName. That’s a fair bit different than import foo, which is just the top level “namespace” in Python.

If you were to (for instance) do import package.path.*; it still is only going to actually import symbols you reference later in your code. So the point is you still have to reference TheSketchyClass to get it to take effect, whereas in Python it will happily do it at import, regardless of whether you use any symbols available via the import.

The easy way to test this is to add your own static initialization block in a class named ImportExample in package import.test; with a System.out.println("hallo"); or something, then do import import.test.*;. As you can see, provided you don’t actually reference ImportExample anywhere in your own code, the static initialization block doesn’t actually get executed (though, if you did reference ImportExample, it would)

Then again, while I was super deep into java until about 2015, I have no idea what the last 7 years of classloading have wrought upon my once-domain :)

Rar is still super common in the pirating community. I think they may have told on themselves more than anything :)

The fact that you can execute code simply on import of any python package is a big spookathon to me. It’s not like you can’t do the same thing in, say, a java class, but that only happens when a specific class is loaded, so if you’re a villain doing villainous things you need to pick a very common class in the target library that everyone uses.

But with python, just typing “import foo” runs through the __init__.py as a script. So you can get it to do all sorts of things on import, meaning now the target isn’t “have they used torch.ones_like somewhere?”, but instead just using it in a project can pwn you. Get access to someone’s publication credentials and you can slipstream your own nefarious code into any python project that would absolutely impact every consuming user. I don’t know that it’s that different ultimately, but it at least feels different to me

Yeah, I got a cheap ali-express mini-itx of some sort about a decade ago and ran pfsense on it for like 7 years straight, with my only issue being pfBlockerNG causing a catastrophic failure after I installed it. this was my first trial-by-fire of administering a bsd machine on the command line and it was so stressful because I was trying to undo it without any internet at all. I still never got it working in the end and just gave up and ran pihole on a container instead.

I ended up switching to opnsense when I got > 1gbps internet and wanted to make sure my router could handle it - got one of the opsense appliances with sfp+ and ran 10gb fiber to my switch and 2.5gbps ethernet to my modem. It’s been super nice actually!

I could also be convinced to look at proxmox too, but that doesn’t help my storage needs nearly as much as it sanitizes my docker/lxd container needs

I have a couple little boxes around I could install scale on to give it a test drive - with unRAID having a (very modest) price point I’m not against it, but if TrueNAS Scale does what I want, I won’t really need to go unraid route. To be honest I’m less entranced with the UI than I am having a sane set of command line tools and a reasonable cli-first configuration route, if that’s possible.

TrueNAS is the rebranding of FreeNAS, right?

I’m not the biggest BSD fan - I’ve struggled with figuring out <basically everything> with my pfsense and then opsense perimeter devices, so I kinda just gave up. TrueNAS Scale could work, but I’m trying to avoid VM in favor of docker-container-all-the-things. How is TrueNAS for running containers? Is it just like a basic linux server install, or does it have some bells and whistles like unRAID does?

Has anyone set up unRAID for their home?
I tend to go overkill when it comes to home networking and server infrastructure. I'm considering replacing my QNap, with what I assert is the world's worst software, with a homebrew and unRAID. I'm just wondering if anyone has any experience doing this or not. For a few years I ran a raid 5 array on an old gaming PC, and then I swapped to qnap for "what if there is a fire, how do I grab and run with a computer that can act as an anchor for a Nimitz-class aircraft carrier". That's worked for the last 5 years, sort of, but I swear they make everything 10x harder than it has any right to be. I was considering 4 x 10tb hdds and 3x2TB Evo 990 Pros, in a cache pool and/or 2x2TB in an SSD pool for docker containers and 1 2TB for the cache pool. I'm just not entirely sure where unRAID itself ends up going; the cache pool? Aside from that question, any other "gotchas" that you've experienced? Any comparisons with qnap would be greatly appreciated, too.

It definitely is neat, but I did like how before it looked like the thunderbird was delivering a letter in it’s beak, and now it’s just cuddling with my mail instead, which I feel is a bit of an awkward hobby

I got news before the wire got news, especially for things like sports trades. It was also good to follow a lot of fellow nerds sharing their arduino/pi projects. Musicians? Also check.

And then the absolute best part; suddenly I could look into minority spaces and look at our society through the lens of their collective shared experiences, which is way better than presuming my experience is the one everyone has. I grew a lot following all those twitter peoples, and Masto isn’t really doing the same (tho Mekka Okereke on hachyderm is still a great follow).

Now all of that is basically gone for me and I have to wait for the news like it’s the god damned 1980’s and I hate it

I’ve had luck with pasta straws, but to be honest, I don’t even understand why straws are such a big thing. For some people they’re total game changers, but for the average person without any accessibility issues, it’s just so dang wasteful it kinda shortcircuits my brain

They aren’t coming for you, they’re taking the bike off you. So now you’re out $MoneyDollars and you don’t even have a bike to show for it.

That’s true of anything anyone reads. If I turn around and personally use the same argument you just made, you’re not being compensated. If I repeat it on social media and it goes viral, you’re still not compensated.

One place where we might agree: a singular service or collection of similar services being able to replicate the entire population of humanity reading, digesting, and redistributing these concepts and ideas is a bit different than it has been throughout the pre-ML part of human history. You would need some sort of singular individual with an impressive photographic memory, and the ability to answer questions from millions of people simultaneously - which clearly is not going to happen. So we just haven’t had to deal with it yet. I would agree that is an important distinction.

But the original premise: some agent is able to take my words, distill them into something else, and utilize that distillation to form a model of the world to be re transmitted is identical to humans communicating and thinking. I’m a big proponent of sharing information, so to me this is a net positive - in fact, it turbocharges my hopes for an “information wants to be free” society.

But if you want to keep your knowledge, wisdom, and communications behind lock and key and charge for entry, this would absolutely be the opposite of what you want. You’re absolutely allowed to want what you want! But I’m also allowed to want what I want too, which is why I won’t be joining team ban-computational-modeling

It’s valid; in a time long long ago, I did some contracting work for them. I used NiFi before it was open sourced, as well as cloudbase/accumulo. I don’t really have anything to share, but I can vouch for the site; it’s legit.

And I really, really don’t have anything interesting to share . Writing ETL in NiFi processors was the most god damned boring job I ever had. The only part that was fun was trying to replace it with Storm (also pre-ASF days) which actually was fun.