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i’m sorry but i still don’t have a github account for this pseudonym so i haven’t opened an issue. (it would be cool if lemmy source code and issues were hosted a site that let you log in with a lemmy account… i would definitely open issues then!)

Lemmy continuously loads new (old) posts
I'm using lemmy.ml in Tor Browser. Sometimes a little while (seconds) after loading the front page it will start loading old posts, often from a single seemingly random community, and then keep doing that indefinitely. My fan turns on and the page becomes unresponsive as new (old) posts are continually inserted at the top of the timeline.

from your comment even gpt3 could infer that you did not click the link :)

Can GPT-4 *Actually* Write Code?
via https://news.ycombinator.com/item?id=35193188

i figured maybe it was a meta-commentary about how things like cross-protocol bridging will always be fragile and provide lousy results :)

for one thing, a lot of “non-tech” people do manage to buy their own domain names somehow.

but, also: domains-as-handles doesn’t actually mean everyone needs to get their own domain. For instance, if/when feddit.de adopts ATP, you can be @sexy-peach.feddit.de on bluesky (and everywhere else that uses ATP).

I am looking forward to one day seeing Jason Scott address the anti-archival philosophy of the mastodon bdfl and his acolytes.

(perhaps activity pub allows me to notify him by using his mastodon name @textfiles@digipres.club here? probably not.)

I am looking forward to one day seeing Jason Scott address the anti-archival philosophy of the mastodon bdfl and his acolytes.

it’s DIDs in DNS. you can read more here: https://atproto.com/guides/identity

so, your DID (which includes a pubkey) is actually your identity, and you can change your handle without changing your DID.

It doesn’t exactly say it on the page i linked, but iiuc their plan is also that while today handles are all names ending with ICANN TLDs in the future they could also be under alternative TLDs defined by ✨blockchains✨.

So, it is one domain per one account now?

No, from their examples it appears that there can be many accounts under a single domain, using subdomains.

why would you post a screenshot and no link

Yes, maybe, but I don’t see a big problem

If I used Portmaster, I would want to chat with the developers and other users and get involved with its development. But, I don’t want to make a discord account, and they haven’t bridged their discord to matrix, so, I can’t. I see this is a big problem for the project.

include it`s fuctions in Discord itself, not possible in other social networks

You can easily have bots on Matrix (or XMPP, or IRC, …).

That Discord tracks the user like FB and others, isn’t really a problem with extensions and privacy tools

🤦 yeah, no, it is still a problem. discord is proprietary software as a service, concentrating millions of people’s unencrypted communications in one place. If you block all the servers doing surveillance, you would be blocking discord itself.

I refuse to give discord an email or phone number, or to agree to their terms of service, and so do many other people. By requiring the use of discord to participate in their community, the developers of portmaster are alienating the privacy-aware demographic of discerning technologists which might otherwise use and contribute to their software. They are communicating clearly that they don’t see discord as a problem, and that means that they are not people who I want to rely on to develop privacy tools for me.

somehow i can forgive using the other platforms they use more than discord.

i do understand the motivations for having one, but if they’re going to advertise themselves as a free software project they should at least be bridging their discord to matrix or something.

Big Tech Lobbying Exposed: How Much Did Google, Facebook, and Others Spend in 2022?
(original title says Apple but he apparently forgot to include them in the video...) cross-posted from: https://tilvids.com/videos/watch/5c9b911f-99d4-4b1a-aed2-9e6773fe2472 > Chapters - > > 📺 0:00 - Intro - What did big tech lob > > 📺 0:29 - Part 1 - Caveat > > 📺 1:16 - Part 2 - Google and Alphabet > > 📺 3:00 - Part 3 - TikTok and Bytedance > > 📺 4:10 - Part 4 - Jeff's Little Bookshop - Amazon > > 📺 6:20 - Part 5 - META, Facebook and Mark Zuckerberg > > 📺 10:22 - Part 6 - NetFlix and Amazon Prime > > 📺 11:39 - Part 7 - Spotify > > 📺 12:29 - Part 8 - Twitter > > 📺 13:24 - Part 9 - Outro

basically, yeah. but mastodon can’t subscribe to rss/atom feeds, so (butterfly meme) is this… progress? 🤷

IIUC, for now, it will just be that Mastodon users can follow a category on a Discord site, which means that they will see when new topics (threads) are created there (along with an excerpt of the initial post in each topic).

federated titles are being truncated to 100 characters [edit: already fixed upstream, probably]
Since the latest upgrade, posts federated from (and to!) other lemmy instances are having their titles on lemmy.ml truncated to 100 characters. At first i thought this must be due to a different configured character limit on different instances, but then I noticed that (1) posts here on lemmy.ml are still allowed to have longer titles (200 chars is the client side limit I see currently, at least) and (2) this is oddly happening here on lemmy.ml also to posts made *by lemmy.ml users* to remote instances. Compare these two posts from a lemmy.ml user, which should have the same title: * https://lemmy.ml/post/753535 "What’s a good tablet and touch screen oriented Linux distro or desktop environment? Can any of them compete with something like Android?" * https://lemmy.ml/post/753536 "What’s a good tablet and touch screen oriented Linux distro or desktop environment? Can any of them" The second of those was posted to a remote community on lemmygrad, but by a lemmy.ml user. Note that [the lemmygrad version of that same post](https://lemmygrad.ml/post/510601) does *not* have its title truncated. [Here](https://lemmy.ml/post/753722) is lemmy.ml's truncated version of a post to a beehaw community from a beehaw user (and again, that title is not truncated in beehaw's copy of the post). tldr: afaict this problem is only occurring on lemmy.ml's versions of posts in remote communities, and happens regardless of if the post was made via lemmy.ml or not. edit: i guess probably [this recent commit](https://github.com/LemmyNet/lemmy/commit/668e21cb65402c5269864b1c376d39cd4bce2bb9) from [@nutomic@lemmy.ml](https://lemmy.ml/u/nutomic) will fix it? but I'm still curious why this currently appears to be happening only on lemmy.ml's versions of posts in remote communities (and in both directions). edit2: ok, i see it is actually happening elsewhere too, eg [the lemmygrad copy](https://lemmygrad.ml/post/510600) of the `/c/linux` tablet post above. So, I guess it is currently happening to any remote community anywhere, regardless of where the user posting from. 🤔 thanks [@nutomic@lemmy.ml](https://lemmy.ml/u/nutomic) for (presumably) fixing it already and sorry for the noise.

This looks pretty cool and I’m tempted to try it, but the fact that they have a discord makes me skeptical of the developers’ values.

LLMs are worse than useless. I posted some examples here and here.