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I’ll do that thank you

Edit: sent! Thank you :) All done! I really appreciate it!

You ever seen that Morgan Spurlock bit about the recycled burgers?

What's the best or a way to request an invitation to Lobste.rs?
I enjoy lurking but sometimes I would really like to be able to engage with points or learn more about niche(r) details :) Anyone want to give me a nudge in the right direction?

Make sure you get light from the sun immediately when you wake up and when there’s no sun, get a lightbox or any other kind of bright light therapy.

There are technically medications for it but your best bet is to get lots of light early, limit bright light at night and use things that make the screens orange/amber colored and ensure that all light in the house is nothing past warm yellow (no green/blue/purple) like 6hrs before bed and try to use dimmer lamps rather than harsh overhead lights.

I’m pretty sure SAD is more of a circadian rhthym issue rather than the big D necessarily. It means you need to get your cycle back in order and once you do, you will likely feel much better.

Also be sure to get your Vitamin D3 and K2 as well. They are all related and healthful in isolation but very useful as a combined plan of attack.

Honestly, I never fail to be astounded how promptly I have responses. I’d almost describe it as legendary. Very satisfied with what we’re able to accomplish with our much smaller user base

I mean, I get the logic but re:valid business strategy, that is increasinly clearly not the case. At least as long as alienating and giving people a hard nudge to De-Google is indicative of failure, maybe I’m out of line here. All I know is I’m not hearing a certain generecized verb these days so much as the antithetical of said verb. Although I get the argument to the contrary, something something echo chamber…

Their unreliabillity is legendary and at meme-level. They are like a hotel that closes up shop and moves the set overnight while you’re sleeping so you wake up naked in the middle of the street. I’m surprised they even have real office buildings/campuses and not just movie sets on stilts.

That’s how I have to look at it, same with Apple and their nonsense with iCloud being fully open to themselves and “partners”. I said cut the bullshit and maybe I’ll come back and they sort of did and now we can all profit from that (although I still have many valid and serious criticism reserved, but I have to pick my battles)

I swear, these “evil” companies vanquish themselves. How does Google seriously expect anyone to invest any non-zero amount of time + capital into learning and integrating their fly-by-night dilletantic ventures…

Like, real talk G, stop threatening and making good on giving me a good time. Hopefully they will take a page from Brav’s book although I will never trust or use them. Some things just need to die imao

Thats more the issue, the AppleID which by definition (usually) deanonymizes you and bluntly articulates the trail and profile generated by your email

Thank you for the recognition and reassurance (sorta)

Since you’re a dev, I have a question: does participating in FlightTests deanonymize and make infividual users identifiable to the devs (something, something, UUID…).

Been very interested and slightly concerned I haven’t really been thinking ahead :/

Ya, maybe the bullshit part was a bit excessive as a rhetorical flourish 😳

There’s a convention or interpolation wirh regard to opioids/opiates such that:

  1. 1/3 hate it (side effects)
  2. 1/3 are neutral (it attenuates their physical pain and nothing else
  3. 1/3 LOVE. IT. (euphoria, complacency, acceptance of otherwise intolerable contexts)

Is lemongrass and all the other hippy-dippy calming tea ingredients bullshit?
I buy these things but I wonder if they are truly pharmacologically-active and not just bullshit. Discuss

Can the risks of vaping cannabis be reduced by sucking into the cheek and only indirectly "inhaling"
This might sound really stupid (be gentle) but I wonder if some of the risks of directly and forcefully inhaling cannabis vapour can be attenuated by kind of sucking into one's cheek rather than directly unmediated the normal way and then indirectly sort of vaguely breathing it indirectly. Any thoughts? I feel like it can't be that easy or it just doesn't work that way...

Shows like house of cards but showing realpolitik in CCP/Chinese Congress like House of Cards for the US
This is an elaboration on my previous question regarding depictions of single party communist political systems but I am particularly interested in China and how things work in their seat of power. Looking for a show like House of Cards but Chinese with english subtitles and I don't care if its CCP propoganda stuff or if its filmed in the Koreas depicting a fairly realistic informed u derstanding of party politics, show trials, etc.

Realtalk on vaping cannabis vape refill thingies
So I need some realtalk by Lemmie's resident stoners and possibly medical professionals on the benefits and risks/harms of vaping cannabis refill things on the respiratory system (using a rechargeable vape pen/battery thingy at the lowest heat setting). Give it to me straight docs, whats up and how long do I have to live if I use it infrequently but potentially daily in small amounts?

Does Lemmy have an equivalent of IAMA or AskMeAnything
Lemmy needs an analogue of IAMA/AskMeAnything (or whatever we need to do to avoid the copyright issues if any). Do we currently have that or is there any indication its in the works?