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If you talk about a new wave of users, then the number of users is also important, really important

Lemmy itself. How many people do support their instance and the developers?

You can have a dog, but then you’ll have a problem with dog shit

Europe is the more or less same to be honest. You are never completely assimilated unless you look and speek the same as locals.

Most countries are assisting Ukraine where they can

What do you mean by not just the west?

We have almost zero countries on Asia, Africa and Latin America which have sanctioned Russia or sent military aid to Ukraine

This is just related to nato/Europe/global north countries.

Europe is not the whole world

They are doing it with the artemis mission

On any instance, you can just scroll down to the bottom of the page, there should be a Instances link on the right side of it, along side Modlog, Docs, Code…

PS: This on a browser