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I really enjoy calckey’s UI and havent found any client that supports groups either

it’s got a lot of regular security flaws from what ive seen from a quick search. But I’ll consider it. Thanks!

Android Private Browser with Real-Time Push notifications options
Hello good people of beehaw. I'm looking for an android browser that works with push notifications for something like calckey but wont outright be a spyware in itself, is there anything that would satisfy this need for me in case firefox fails so?

Tilde.Club: I had a couple drinks and woke up with 1,000 nerds
The beautiful, intimate origin story of the tildes community

Opposition leader in jail for 19 days just on the basis of allegation
Sisodia was arrested by the CBI on February 26 after an interrogation of more than 8 hours. They took his computers, phone, all email data dump and kept him in jail on the pretext that they are analyzing the data. They haven't found anything in 19 days and still a special judge extended his custody for 5 more days. I have read through the live court hearing commentary and not even one time the judge asked about what the investigation agency was doing for last 19 days, what have they found so far and why they need to keep him in jail for more time. Simply a court hearing for 30 minutes and this man will be in jail for 5 more days. Seems like the defence lawyer was pretty much talking to a wall in the court. - throwaway account on HN

Commodification of children and human life has been a constant theme of indian academia, and now it has reached the justice system

I do understand what you mean. My instintive reaction to the proposition that it doesnt matter of the quantity of the disinformation is to disagree. But i do not have warranted argument against it nor the health to study it currently. Do pardon me for breaking the conversation here, I appreciate the good faith nature of it.

I would like an elaboration on your first sentence. Genuine curiousity, i want to understand your point.

probably not, but is a very powerful weapon for it

I mean to call ChatGPT a potential propaganda device given its blatant inclination towards disinformation. With its copycats like that of Bing actively trying to gaslight its users too.

Look, can we really blame the desperate, especially people suffering from mental health issues, to seek help that they can? i feel that the only solution to problems like these are better health care, which means proper and rigorous scientific and ethical education on the subject and proper support system and establishment for health care services

and yet they released it. Anyone who still entertains this propaganda device while being aware of all of this is completely off my circle.

OpenAI Sold its Soul for $1 Billion
> cross-posted from: https://beehaw.org/post/306218 > > > Great history study of the matter

OpenAI Sold its Soul for $1 Billion
cross-posted from: https://beehaw.org/post/306218 > Great history study of the matter

idk man sounds like a capitalism problem rather than a technological one

agreed but facebook bullshit gets exposed anyway, gotta hurt them whenever we can

on the other hand, it would be illegal to scrape masto data and use it to profile people for ads. If that geta reported, it could be sued hard

This is what a carnivores diet does to a person /j

Third-party doctrine - Wikipedia
The third-party doctrine is a United States legal doctrine that holds that people who voluntarily give information to third parties—such as banks, phone companies, internet service providers (ISPs), and e-mail servers—have "no reasonable expectation of privacy" in that information. A lack of privacy protection allows the United States government to obtain information from third parties without a legal warrant and without otherwise complying with the Fourth Amendment prohibition against search and seizure without probable cause and a judicial search warrant.[1]