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The SelfPrivacy server is created step by step within an hour. Sounds scary, but believe me, you don’t need a PhD to do it. It’s as easy as shopping in an e-shop. ``` Finding a passport and card with a balance of $10-15 and $5 per month Registration of accounts Domain purchasing Connecting Domain to DNS Server Generating tokens Installation Connecting to the services ``` If you delegate this process to someone else, you will lose your privacy. For 100% independence and control we recommend doing everything yourself.

Just under !laws_and_regulations you have the icon, a little pen in a box, next to the recycle bin icon.

Hello! Just use a desktop browser and open the community page you created. On the right column, at the top, thereis a box with the !name_9f_community and below there is an edit icon you can click :)

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Mulțumesc pentru ideile transmise, am adăugat denumirea „Fediversul Românesc”!

Am adăugat subdomeniul “meta”, la adresa , unde am instalat un motor de căutare prin intermediul căruia voi indexa Fediversul Românesc.

To the Fediverse!
Over 12,895 instances to choose from!

Mulțumesc! :)

Just started this community, along with

Feel welcome to join and post your links and create your communities in Romanian and English languages :)

Thank you very much for contributing! Just added your format, indeed it is much better :)

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I am the admin of the instance.


I understand that there is this AI that gets the information from the same sources as me…

Copiosis | A socioeconomic innovation
Copiosis is not technically open source per their terms and conditions, even though the algorithm is claimed to be open source. Copiosis has copywritten its content, and charges money for a complete description of the specified system/proposal. A brief introduction to copiosis is provided by a TZM Radio interview with Perry Gruber, the business' owner and founder: ||

Common Planet – A New Game of Life
Introducing Flow Credit currency: interest free, tax free, inflation free & theft free. An evolution of economics.

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