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Yep, not only it’s a waste of valuable earth resources ( water in this case ), it’s a waste of land which BTW we can’t make more of

But rich elitists use it to play that stupid elitist game, how much brains or muscles do you have to have to make the ball fall into the hole ? None

And they say homelessness is a problem… 🤦🏻‍♂️

  • Get an IT cert
  • Get Money
  • Leave Africa
  • Heal my depression
  • Find another purpose

The Redox Dev is working for System76, I think he discussed this on Techovertea episode

Edit: or maybe Brodie did a video about it, I’m not sure since he hosts that podcast as well

Giga and Frogster looks nice

I always lean to logos that also has the name of the company in them, but that’s my personal preference

I thought if you wanna learn about Linux, you should start for scratch ?

Anyways, thanks for coming to my TED talk


Lol, but you’re on hexbear, you have the ultimate power of emojis ಥ_ಥ

What’s wrong in the thinking a person who uses emojis is a 12yo ? 🤦‍♂️

I have mixed feelings about this reply ಠᴗಠ

Makes sense, I hate Discord for this very reason, they have little animated emojis all over the UI, I know it depends on the server but every server goes for that look

I like eye candy but that’s too much, I like how Matrix has done it, they give you all the reactions and it stays away from text

Or maybe I can be creative:

“So, What’s the big deal 😒🙄?”


“So, What’s the big deal 🧐?”

It’s crazy they politicized emojis 🙄…

Best medium is face to face where you can actually see and hear the person you’re talking to, after that it’s voice call, after that it’s text on paper and lastly paintings and symbols…

I said “poor” not “bad”, compared to the real one on one experience, also looking at religious scriptures are misinterpreted all the time and used for nefarious purposes, should tell you something about relying on text

emojis can ( It’s a possibility ) add context and mood to the discussion, plus they cute, that’s all

I was just wondering why lemmings don’t use them and downvote who uses them ( not that I care about meaningless points ), turns out Lemmy has lots of boomers

I enjoyed the last episode of AOT, it was depressing but 10/10 nonetheless, I didn’t eat popcorn, had a bag of chips instead 😊

Odd that you experienced differently

I used Reddit in the last few years, many people here used it since old reddit ui was the default, so you’re right, it’s just my experience

I don’t care about the downvotes, this post is about the absent use of emojis on Lemmy

votes were just a performance indicator to test my theory, that’s why I went out of my way to see the votes

I understanding these are not emojis, just pictures that load on the server using HTML, that’s why they appeare bigger on other servers

why do lemmy users hate the use of emojis ?
I'm a heavy emoji user, texting is such a poor medium for communication, many times people get the wrong message, but with an emoji you'll get an idea of the face I'm making, so less chance of misunderstanding I noticed that every time I add an emoji to a comment it gets downvoted, so I tested my theory, wrote a comment without an emoji, got upvotes, went back and added an emoji, got downvotes.. On Reddit people use emojis a lot, on Lemmy I NEVER saw anyone use emojis, my account is new but still for the time I spent here, I never saw the use of emojis So, is it just me, have you noticed this small detail ? and do you miss emojis the way I do ? 😭