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I think it to assist with discussion of realtime events such as sport e g f1. Trying to navigate posts in such a situation on the classic format was terrible

ELECTRIC WIZARD - May 29, 2002 - RVA
Otherwise known as the performance where Tim Bagshaw left halfway through the gig, apparently close to when the band split for good.

Slo Burn @ CBGBs 1996
Companion video to the Kyuss vid posted earlier. Have not heard any versions of Son of God other than the live dynamo festival. Would have been great to have the unreleased sloburn tracks fully realised.

It sounds like there was, but the action seems to have happened on mastodon servers. The quit message can be found here.


No Lemmy ettique missing as there wasn’t enough of a community to form anything. I had no issue with the smaller size and all the usual posters I’d see and chat with have dispersed with the larger array of content.

But now you don’t get people signing up, talking about the lack of content and disappearing. Or servers set up in hope and shut down - eope.xyz caw.ai Jeremmy.ml or ones that ragequit fapsi.be. And of course wolfballs.

Even if most go back to reddit it will still be an improved space with the servers and communities that remain I think.

Awesome thanks for the Rec - I’ll give it a spin. /Edit opens with Oroborous - good start.

Which Gojira Album should I listen to?
This might sound a bit weird as a Gojira fan but with this specific band I’ve always listened to their live recordings (apart from Le Enfant Sauvage) and have never been interested in checking the albums. Which album should I crank on the headphones?

Probably just lock the community and pin a redirect? Not sure if more can be done.

Goatsnake - Graves [Rock] 2015
If you're in the mood for some Dirty Sludgy Rock music, with clean vocals Goatsnake might fit the bill. Most well know for having Greg Anderson on guitar, of Sunn 0))) and Southern Lord Records fame.

There is also !movies@bolha.social which is a super quiet Brazilian/English instance if you want to crosspost / share the love there. So far population me

!redlettermedia@sopuli.xyz is another one that was set up ages ago but lacks posts.

It’s quite interesting as I think the twitter migration put the focus on mastodon for a while and this place became quieter and then Reddit didn’t want to be left out so the spotlight is now here and kbin. If only Instagram could join the fun pixelfed would get a bump.

Beatles Solo Albums Ranked Worst to Best
I never knew there were so many. Not surprising #1

It’s getting to the point I might need to use the subscribed tab rather than new

Most definitely, although with many of these projects its probably not a case of not wanting to make it easier, but simply that it hasnt been implemented yet. I generally tend to link so that people can check out the community being referred to -

Also a good point. I had an instance crash and burn without warning. It was only a backup login, which was more open but still, all the info has gone.

Most instances that shut down were small ones that didn’t grow.

A consideration is to check which instances are blocked. (See the instances link in the footer to check) to ensure the server doesnt block a specific instance you want to view.

Good question! You can copy the text !cats@midwest.social, then click the magnifying glass at top right and search for the community.

It should then come up in your search results, where you can visit from your own instance, and click to subscribe.

Should gtio.io have a !worldnews community?
Mostly tongue in cheek, but perhaps it would be a good place for dissenting opinions and might provide a central community for the instance if people posted to it.

Whatcha Lookin' For, by NEBULA 1999 [Rock]
Cowbell? - Check. Fuzzy Guitars? - Check. Meedly? - Check. A great psychedelic rock album.

Having been a lemmy resident for a while (this being my second account and someone who doesnt visit lemmygrad at all) is that in my experience the Devs conduct themselves professionally, impartially and generally have the patience of saints.

If you decide to stay here for a while you might form the same impression.

I did not know about this one - thanks

Or sopuli.xyz which has lemmygrad blocked.

Omnerod - The Amensal Rise [Prog Metal] 2023
Haven’t been listening to much in the way of metal recently but this caught my ear. Very theatrical, sounds massive. [https://omnerod.bandcamp.com/album/the-amensal-rise](https://omnerod.bandcamp.com/album/the-amensal-rise)

Electric Wizard - Doom Mantia
In an electric wizard mood today. Love this track on headphones or cranked. Mark Greenings drummings fantastic, so loose but perfect.