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plenty of rest

guess I won’t exercise then :/

convs. here got a little heated, try not adding to the fire. Also, in my case I don’t like it caz the comments are dead, if someone posts a meme, caz they found it funny, I respond, thet respond, we have a nice chat. If it’s posted by a bot, none of this applies, comment section ia dead, imagine this thread, but without you responding at all… Yeah, not so pretty.

And also Lemmy lacks content only if you doomscroll it. Try getting a life, I don’t mean that in a toxic way, some ppl here are much more cultured, ask for a book recommendation or something, and when you ran out of fresh posts, try reading a bit.

Your comments regarding niche commjnites having week old to no posts, well, if you’re part of that community, try posting! Maybe someone is the same way as you, but didn’t voice it, just left the site.
you can’t find communities? Try posting to a wuestion whether it exists or not.

And btw: you’re here for a reason, and it’s not that you’re being forced. Instead of making this plave heated and toxic, try leaving (you’ll soon learn that it’s not worth being the keyboard warrior, I know, I was you/it), not permanently, but for like a day or something.

Videogame screenshots, art or fanart of games I finished, and loved.

I usually do a lot of instant replays (have bot figured out how to do this on linux yet) and if I find a cinematic frame in it, bam, added to the folder. In rdr2 I did it with photo mode.

may I ask how do you unlock it manually? Like what do you have to type in, specifically? /s

tbh, messy way it is, or maybe I’ll clean the data up becore transfer, we’ll see. thx!

I’m terrible at parsing genuine praise

avarage male these days. Anyways I agree with you. All of these lies and everything are for money. Back in the day I remember people thsorysing about tech (in general, like cpus) being way batter then what’s sold on the market for them to be able to make a 2nd generation. It was a theory wothout base, but you saw it happen with AI. First couple of weeks it was wonderful, then slowly got more and more restricted, slow and dumb. But the fact is that it’s still groundbreaking tech, so people are impressed, and are using it. But can you imagine the un-jailed version for a select few privliged people?

The fact that all of this (the dumbing down, and restricting part) is for “Protecting the children.” is infuriating. Going to a different website and clicking a highlighted option in a pop-up and you have all the gore, porn, vore, fetishes that you didn’t even know existed. but swearing on the other website?? strictly prohibited.

This also annoys me. Today’s “AI”, like ChatGPT have nothing on true artifical inteligence. They made the next best algorithm to do many things that were impossible to do before, and selling it like it’s the end of the world. What do you think ppl first tought about phones? the internet? All data accessible, everywhere, all the time, yet we grew acustomed to it, evolved (or devolved) to live with it. Who’d have tought of a magic box that can play back any event recorded, make a digital interactable world, contact any other human instantly, or recently; talk with me.

It’s just another step, everyone needs to calm down. I know have a website to do my homework, it was about time. I won’t end the world with it.

I’d love to upvote you multiple times, you cleared it up for me. Thank you.

Thank you. You wrote so much that I checked out your profile, I just wanna say: Enjoy your time on Lemmy! And that I am honored to have more then half of your all time comments be answers to me.

I don’t even know how-to, or what it truly means to encrypt, so I don’t have to worry about that. And I just love hearing the other parts. Thanks

At least it’s somewhat narrowed down, I’ll try the app, thanks!

wonderful, thank you for the info. I’ll have to sleep on this tho.

And if I make a user with the same username on the other system, it’ll just… connect?

Huh, does everything store it’s configs in ~/.config ? Is it some unwritten rule? That’d make life so much easier.

tbh I bearly have experience in any distro, but Arch didn’t pose that much of a challange. I might switch, but I really don’t see the advantage I’d get. Maybe to Debian, I used it’s terminal. But, great Idea to mess around in VMs first!

Can you explain this step:

and restore your OS settings by restoring it to a new install.

Package up and transport a linux?
I have a simple wish, with a probably not so simple solution. I recently started with linux (Arch kde), I'm loving it, I quickly realized that this OS and almost all apps, are highly customizable, I'm laving that as well. My problem is the unavoidable reinstalls and that I have a laptop. Is there any way that I can save all my configs, apps and my apps' configs, and transfer them over to my laptop, while almost having a very quick back-up. I realize that I could turn it into an ISO somehow, but that wouldn't work (I think) because my laptop has vastly different hardware. I also realize the partitioning problem. So in my idealistic world, there should be a solution that requires a clean install (from scripts or manual) and some .sh file, that installs all my apps, pastes all my configs and reboots. So is this possible? and if yes, how should I go about this? did someone make a tool for this already? Or(!) can I burn it to a flash and the drivers will correct themselves/I'll deal with them later? For final words I'd like to say that I'm far from finished configurating, but I'd like to know the proccess, to not shoot myself in the foot somewhere along the way of configing, thanks!