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I find what they are offering interesting. But I myself use Thunderbird on my pc, spark on my phone, to get the emails from Gmail and yahoo mail.

Skiff isn’t compatible with imap, and from what they are saying, is because it’s an encrypted service, and using imap would require to unencrypt them.

If Google didn’t remove it from their browser… Not sure in how much time, if ever, jpeg xl would become popular.

The bad news is that Android is still likely affected. Similar to Apple’s ImageIO, Android has a facility called the BitmapFactory that handles image decoding, and of course libwebp is supported. As of today, Android hasn’t released a security bulletin that includes a fix for CVE-2023-4863 – although the fix has been merged into AOSP. To put this in context: if this bug does affect Android, then it could potentially be turned into a remote exploit for apps like Signal and WhatsApp. I’d expect it to be fixed in the October bulletin.

So a no-click device hack?

It’s way too big for this little amount of people, and somehow I stumbled on a porn drawing…

There is a flatpak zoom app. I guess it can be sandboxes somehow. It would most likely not pose any privacy threat outside of zoom.

But keep in mind that zoom got into it’s privacy policy, that they can record and use for ai anything you do and say during a meeting (if you didn’t allow access to the desktop during the meeting, zoom shouldn’t be able to record it, so most likely won’t matter for that, only what you send through their servers).

Because it’s a search engine using gpt3. Nothing special/Foss about it. Or at least I don’t see any Foss sources.

You won’t get the date.

The date mentioned in the answer may also be an halucination from the bot, depending on the dataset.

And an answer to Bing chat / bard is pretty hard to do if something like this even exists, as the bot has to be able to search the Web.

Maybe something like this? https://huggingface.co/ https://huggingface.co/chat/

The model seems to be based on the Llama model (but not only, there seem to be multiple models). Tho I didn’t really look into it on how they get their database. It also has more hallucinations than chatgpt.

It can be compared and added to the argument of an European country which proposes to scan all photos sent to detect if it contains illegal children photos.

However, to do so, is a huge privacy issue, and as the ai has a very high risk to not work as expected, a lot of false positives could be sent to be reviewed by a person.

Sadly not everywhere. On mobile it lacks behind. Even more on video content and low power cpus.

Chromium is slightly better in a way where I could clic on the video buttons without lag : On my android TV, (sideloaded) Firefox had issues with video buttons. So I tried using kiwi browser (for the extension support), and it worked well for buttons. The video wasn’t a lot smoother, but it just seemed maybe just slightly better.

I don’t use it because of mobile adblock only. There are multiple private chromium browsers which have mobile adblock, and also one supporting extensions : kiwi browser.

I use Firefox because it’s a competing engine to chromium, and it looks good.

I also have all the synced bookmarks from my PC Firefox, which I use for the same reason, and because I got used to it.

The article only talks about deployment costs. What about the rest?

For you a company should just throw away it’s employees to hire inexistent Linux experts or people using Linux software or whatever?

There is the server side. There I agree that using Linux is great.

On the client side it can be more complicated. A lot of schools in various domains teach the students how to use the software on windows. Not Linux.

Furthermore, a company doesn’t pop into existence the moment where it thinks it needs to switch to Linux.

The company already exists, providing work to the employees, trained on windows. So switching on Linux may change the software if it cannot be used on Linux (not everything is a saas). And that can be a time consuming process for the employees too because they don’t know how to use it efficiently.

They can’t really do that, mostly because it’s not “just 1 person”.

There are a lot of costs going into maintaining the os, apps, custom software, and training for the employees.

Google is giant, and has a huge amount of money. They can afford to spend the costs of training, modifying software, or developing other software for their needs if it reduces their future costs.

A smaller company don’t have all those funds, they wouldn’t be able to invest as much into switching to Linux and maintaining the custom software or finding new software and training.

When people switch to another software, there is also a period of low productivity, when these same people are still discovering the software, and cannot do everything as fast as before. That is also creating additional costs.

Sure. But google does waste money if it brings them profit. It would be rather called an investment.

However the example of Google is extremely bad, because it can only be applied to very large tech companies who already have people developing for Linux.

It’s not a waste of money, it’s a bad example.

Being grateful to a free service is a bit hard when a lot of those services use scummy marketing tactics…

There are some interesting, others well, maybe their free services are useful, but their tactics do not align and so it’s difficult to want to support them just because I could. (mostly vpns have real trash marketing). I’d rather donate more to a charity.

There are services open source or free closed source which are in need of donations.

VPNs do Not need your gratitude. The cost of running a VPN per user is extremely low (just look at the market prices to subscribe to a vpn). Even less for a for profit company. For vpn I would use one offering the best services for the needs at lower cost.

Making a donation to an open source or free service (which doesn’t try to scam you, or get your wallet) would require more effort, but bring more satisfaction because it would keep that open source useful project afloat.

Tho if you like a service and you need more from it, do pay for it. I’m not saying you shouldn’t.

I don’t know about dual boot. Maybe windows has to be installed first. Never tried it.

Tho I know that it is possible during the drive choice, in the windows install, to select an empty space, then clic on the create partition, and there creating a sufficiently big enough partition for windows will create 3 partitions : The boot, reserved and windows. Then just select the main windows partition, and it will auto detect the boot and reserved partition.

However that is happening on an empty drive. I do not know what can happen on a drive where there is already an OS.

Windows 11 can be used, however a oobe command needs to be input at install, without Internet, to not have to use an online account. Tho windows may ask later to connect with an online account.

For an alternative, windows may also be used in a VM. There may also be a way to pass through all the main gpu if needed, and switch between Linux / windows. But I didn’t really use it. So I don’t know where it is or what are the steps.

If the Linux os needs to be used, but the gpu also has to be in the vm, there is a way to split it. Tho the last time I checked (4+ months ago) the project was incompatible with amd due to some kernel/driver stuff. I sadly lost the link to it…

You do not need to purchase windows 10/11 to use it.

And maybe if you really want to purchase windows, you may find very cheap keys online.

In France I can find win11 keys for 20-30 cents on Cdiscount. Most of the time, you just need to input the key after installing windows.

Wtf is this stupid trash article about outsourcing to Jews controlling everything.

Don’t loose your time with this.

It’s peace of trash article. Just down vote the post.

p7zip doesn’t seem to be maintained anymore, 2016 seems to be last update (direct link to source forge from the 7zip website).

However a direct official cli port seems to have been created. Not sure if it can be installed through a repo, or if it has to be downloaded from the 7zip website.

I saw some older threads saying it wasn’t maintained anymore