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Yeah, and I’ve also found that you don’t have to be active on a post within the first hour for anyone to see your comment. People comment and have their comments seen days after, because there seems to be a lot of variety in how people sort their feeds here.

I created the XCOM community on, but I haven’t had to mod a single thing yet, because it’s slow (only 300-something subscribers, and mostly me posting).

I might look into it. The only catch is that I’m usually just checking lemmy on my phone, and I haven’t looked into how many apps have the ability to mod stuff.

If you build it, they will come.

It’s the reason I’ve been motivated to post as much as I do, both in broader communities and a handful of niche ones that I want to see grow.

If you’ve thought about posting/commenting but just haven’t yet, take the plunge! I never used to post on reddit at all, and I’ve been pretty active since joining Lemmy.


…and then switch to this instance without even leaving the page. It’s smooth as hell.

Cool idea, but I’d also worry that anonymous profiles would make Lemmy feel like 4chan.

Sometimes just having a public profile (even behind a made up username) is enough to make people act more courteous.

Came from reddit like many others. I had been unhappy with the artificial and corporate-sterile feel of reddit for a while. And second to that, the way subreddits were set up made it rife with powermod agendas and no good alternatives to escape them.

I much prefer the “interconnected islands” of lemmy that reduces the ability of anyone to advertise, astroturf, or have ownership of the whole system. It feels looser and puts more control back in the hands of users, which is refreshing.

I’ll hop into inactive communities for things that interest me, and after posting for a bit, others eventually show up and start commenting/posting too.

If you build it, they will come!

Damn, I let them go to voicemail thinking it was a scam call.

“Time to say goodbye!”

Hold on…

Wait a sec…

…ok there

“Time to say goodbye!”

That’s so frustrating. Smart watches seem to be in such an experimental place still.

I post and comment a lot, and it frequently leads to me having like 40-50 messages in my inbox if I don’t check for a few hours. I’ve even noticed a significant uptick lately, which is encouraging.

Are you guys not getting taken to a side room and frisked when you see a movie?

Bulls charge at the color red (or that was what people thought for a while)