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Doing this by hand is challenging but possible.

First you need a hex editor, not a text editor. xxd on linux will get you started but you might want something a little more user friendly.

Then look for a label for a value you know, xxd and other hex editors will show ascii text on the side. Hopefully you’ll be able to identify the value (in hexadecimal, probably 4 bytes but could be 1, 2, or 8 as well) somewhere before or after the label. You might have to get familiar with endianness, two’s compliment, and binary floating point before the numbers make sense.

Once you know how to read a value after a label you’ll need to find some label for the information you don’t know. If it isn’t displayed in the program it might not have a super readable label.

Distributed but high trust.

Zero-trust blockchain tech has no value. There is no such thing as a zero trust system in real life.

Except blockchain solves no useful problems so you will never find it behind anything that isn’t explicitly using it for marketing.

It was a game set in Eberron.

My profile pic is Hesitan, a half-elf druid, dragon marked member of house Lyrandar and accomplished airship pilot.

Hestian’s recently discovered half-sister Mardu, a vengeance paladin, aberrant marked, and a survivor of a Breland suicide squad during the war. Not to mention an excellent weaver.

Ragnar, a dragonborn rune fighter, retired war hero, and accomplished chef (with his own food truck) from the eastern jungles of Q’barra.

Lathe, a warforged artificer and his loyal companion Ward. Once a worker in House Cannith’s warforged factories. On an epic quest to rediscover the secrets of creating warforged to allow his people to control their own destiny.

Elena, a ranger and dragon marked member of house Vadalis and her bird companion. An expert and researcher on the Mournland and its aberrant denizens.

The DM of our D&D game commissioned art of our party at the end of the campaign. My profile is a crop of my character.

In the short term, only the children of the wealthy could continue into higher education. Anyone else who had dreams of doing anything that required higher ed, including professions that are already in short supply like doctors, nurses, and pharmacists, would be SOL. I can see how “starve the beast” makes an appealing, easy to understand fix for the issues in higher education, but I think the cost to people is too high to do it like that.

It’s also an excellent proof of concept for how to test with antimatter. Anyone who designs a test using anti hydrogen will look back at their methodology.

In case anyone hasn’t seen Folding Ideas - Line Goes Up. He gives a great overview of the history of crypto and is worth every minute of the 2 hour run time.

Plus he isn’t a crypto bro like OP here.

I assume the NFL is/was a 501c6 tax exempt organization since it calls out football leagues specifically.

You’d be looking for 501c3 organizations which does include churches and other dubious religious affiliated organizations but not all federal non-profits.

During the Communist revolution the republic government was losing pretty badly and fell back to the very defensible island. They’ve been there ever since with their official name: the Republic of China. So there’s some civil war tension there and a lot of claims of who’s the rightful ruler of China.

The default mobile web view literally has sidebar at the top of the page when viewing a community. If your app is missing a basic feature you don’t get to complain and be a dick about it.

Interesting, sounds more like a bug than a feature. Looking at my instance, I can’t find any examples of posts not displaying in the subscribed feed that do appear in the community feed. Is it affecting both local and federated communities?

What sort are you using? If you’re using a time based sort like Top 6 Hours it will exclude older content.

If you sort by New are you still missing posts?

1 in the garage, 2 in the basement. Plus a pocket knife on each floor.

I think you missed the mark a little bit on what voting is on a forum like this or reddit. Voting is crowd sourced content curation/moderation. Like content creation it brings value to a site, limiting it or making users pay for it seems counter to achieving a well curated community.

Extremely, that tire is going to blow at any moment. Probably the next time they hit a bump at high speed.

You want me to host a community on my phone but only some stranger is allowed to curate the content on it? I don’t really understand this system you’re describing.

I noticed that too on my instance, but maybe 10 minutes after subscribing posts started federating properly.

It’s working for me right now, the only trick is to use the URL in the search bar instead of the !<community>@<instance> format.

eg: https://kbin.social/m/AskKbin