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I’m currently eating pie for breakfast, so this confused me at first.

I feel like numbers are much more difficult, aren’t they? There are limits to how many there are, and the generally cost money to register. How does generating a unique number per service per user work?

Try Petal Maps; might be able to replace Google Maps for you. It also has traffic info.

Yup. Live life aligned with your priorities. There’s nothing wrong with internet being a priority. Just don’t let it get out of balance.

Why people hurt others / rip others off. I don’t understand that lack of empathy.

If you don’t have a smartphone, I don’t know what the chances are that you self host services, but, if you do, check out paperless-ngx, which is what I’m using. It’s great.

You’re absolutely wrong about Advil. Advil has a tasty candy coating.

Archiving emails? I am with Proton and don’t have any issues.

Is there a way to group playlists in rhythmbox?
Like, to make folders/categories/collections of them so you can collapse groups in the sidebar?

What is the most opinionated linux distro?
cross-posted from: https://infosec.pub/post/550905 > Basically, which linux distro is the best for a non-power user? Someone who wants to be able to get up and running without having to learn how to manage the OS using the cli. > > Quick example: When I install a new OS, the first thing I want to do is install Brave. That should be as easy as "click on this thing, type in brave, select Brave, install."

Accessing lemmy.ml community
Does anyone know why I get a 404 when trying to access the crypto community on lemmy.ml? I would expect it to be here: https://infosec.pub/c/crypto@lemmy.ml It exists: https://lemmy.ml/c/crypto Was this community blocked by infosec.pub? Or am I doing something wrong?

Auth only?
Right now, you create an identity by signing up to a Lemmy/Mastodon/Kbin/Matrix/etc. instance, and you need a separate identity for each app (if you want the full experience, though you can interact in some ways with only one identity). Could it be possible to make an app that handles just authentication? So I could identify myself as @TheButtonJustSpins@example.com and respond to login requests from each type of app (since the login process doesn't seem to be unified)? Then just use whichever app/interface makes sense at the time? So I could log in with Jerboa or Element by pointing them to the instance of the authentication app, but then use Jerboa or Element to interact with the fediverse? (FYI: I seem to be unable to respond to comments.)

How do I interact with instances/communities?
I subscribed to technology@beehaw.org, so I can see the posts from here. I did it by seeing a post from my local server (infosec.pub) and going to the community and joining it. How do I get to other places in the Fediverse, though? I'm on jerboa and want to interact with e.g., https://kbin.social/m/asklemmy@lemmy.ml/t/11331/Is-Lemmy-your-first-time-on-the-Fediverse