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Ukraine literally has a far right Nazi government and far right Nazi troops. Zelensky worships and salutes historical Nazi people both in Ukraine and recently with Canada in UN. Italy elected a neofascist party in power. They are on the giver side, not receiver side.

Russia’s goals are in line with USSR, which, if history serves me correctly, was the opposite of fascist. You are spreading an obvious agenda that flips history.

USA, Ukraine, Israel, Italy and certain NATO countries have been propping up far right culture across the world. Russia and China are just boogeymen for useful idiots to scream about.

Far right factions in USA support Russia only because of the anti-LGBT social alignment, and not because Russia’s politics is far right. Russia is pretty much in alignment with socialist goals geopolitically and inside their country on the social axis (ban on Nazi elements).

New users can be enlisted with the ADB command

adb shell pm list users

It has never been observed that Google is creating new users automatically without any kind of sophisticated user confirmations. There is only an “Admin” user for Find My Device, for example.

Privacy is not that hard until a point unless you are a serious activist or journalist, in which case things can become inconvenient. Android is very deterministic, its just that some people and devs in privacy community want to thrive from the unnecessary confusion and drama circus they create and fuel. I have documented the past 5 years of privacy community to mostly destroy that kind of nonsense, with a decent amount of success, and am doing that here too.

Bernie is not a socialist, but social democrat. Social democrats are just the most “leftist” capitalists, and not socialists. A real socialist is not supportive of warmongering or genocidal things like the kind USA did on Iraq, Libya, Yugoslavia and elsewhere.

A little bonus. What I want you to try is with AppOps, you remove the camera permission from your camera app, and then from the normal permission GUI (yes/no buttons), turn on camera permission. Turn on camera app. It will be funny.

Of course, reverse it from AppOps again.

A little note on the GMS part in previous comment – you need to keep internet on for Play Services and Google Services Framework packages, in order for Safetynet apps to work, if you use such apps.

This can be done on any Android, regardless of root or bootloader unlock status, post Nougat 7.0 version. You use Shizuku from F-Droid (requires root or USB debugging via PC), and install from the same developer’s website AppOps. You can manipulate any and all permissions for both main and work profile apps. This is the AppOps core mechanism of AOSP that supersedes the permissions GUI that people normally use.

There is a weaker option via ADB with AppOpsX, but I prefer the superior Shizuku method for additional work profile control.

How does it crash? I neutered its permissions long before ProtonAOSP/GrapheneOS made “sandboxed play services” concept known to privacy community. SafetyNet apps work ideally for me, and the only data that Google can siphon off of me is the IP address and the CTS attestation keys for GMS certification verification purpose. Normally, GMS takes location, sensor data, storage/installed apps scanning and dozens of other metrics every 7 minutes.

Bernie Sanders supported the carpet bombing of Yugoslavia. He is not a socialist. He is very much an aide of Democrats. The proof lies in his recent call to Americans to vote for Biden.

There are prerequisites to what that commenter suggests. You have to have the phone rooted and unlocked, and Google allowed all the permissions, something which can be dealt with using the AppOps mechanism (the real AOSP permission system beneath the GUI). It is not possible for any package to do whatever it wants, if the internal app permissions have been neutered. Evidence to the contrary, or real life example capable of being replicated, simply does not exist to date.

Considering recently 130 members of USA Nazi band Hammerskins were arrested in Germany, it is fair to say NATO and NATO aligned countries are where Nazism is always allowed to flourish. I seriously hope those Ukraine Nazis USA is breeding get spread into all of Europe and USA, and teach them a lesson.

Because the rest of the world is not stuck to iMessage/SMS? We all adopted a messenger app back around 2010-12, that continues to work across all smartphones, computers and some feature phones, that has actual E2EE for one-to-one chats, even if the metadata now goes to Facebook instead of Apple.

No package in Android has the ability to bypass app permission system (introduced with 4.4 KitKat), unless there is an expensive or undiscovered 0day (that allows Pegasus to work), or some malicious “Administrator” user installed onto device allowing to accomplish this. This covers both system and userspace packages. GMS is no different. There exists no evidence to what you claim.

Any distribution by these OEMs is a secret sauce, you have no way of knowing what shenanigans they are pulling on your phone.

Would you care to put your weight behind your claims? If I have to spot a half knowledge person, I just need to spot anyone cheering about GrapheneOS being some kind of revolutionary AOSP fork.

Android, including its OEM and AOSP forks, is fairly very deterministic and not some Madagascar jungle with man-eating plants and magical evil vines.

Just stop blabbering these buzzword phrases “opensource=security” “grapheneos gud” to fuel your confirmation biases.

Its always this Democrat genocider apologia, isn’t it? Democrats and Republicans are two wings of US Nazi Eagle. Vote socialists or communists into power.

DivestOS dev bans anyone that criticises GrapheneOS on the orders of Daniel Micay. An excerpt from my GrapheneOS expose few months ago:


Yes, this happened, and this is my favourite part as far as everything GrapheneOS head/mods have done to date. As dramatic as it sounds, Micay in realtime, in DivestOS’ XMPP chatroom, was accusing me of the typical “harassment ringleader campaign” BS, and ordered DivestOS/Mull developer (these are his aliases) SubZer0Carnage/Tad/SkewedZeppelin that if I was not banned immediately, DivestOS and him would face social media targeted campaign and DivestOS will have to forcibly pull off any borrowed GrapheneOS code. DivestOS developer dusted his hands off me, since he does not like me apparently for liking some closed source software and he benefits off of the crybully. Also, unlike the crybully, I have never harassed or harmed anyone because I have a moral conscience to not be an abusive asshole on internet, so he will face no issues on my end.

Screenshot 1: https://i.imgur.com/Al65uTZ.jpg

Screenshot 2 continuation: https://i.imgur.com/mT8W9pa.jpg

Tell me how you know nothing about how Android works, without telling me you know nothing about how Android works. Speak authoritatively once you learn beyond what r/privacy comments tell you.

No, and there exists no evidence that if you disable the permissions via AOSP app permission system (hidden AppOps or the app settings GUI we commonly use) for any Android package, there will be some mysterious spooky force that will bypass it. Unless there is a 0day (that allows Pegasus to work) that allows some form of privilege escalation without user prompt, or if there is some kind of malicious “Administrator” user (work MDM or such) installed on the device, there exists no method on Android to accomplish this. This covers both system and user space packages, and also covers Google’s GMS packages.

There will always be some form of prompt, for example in Safetynet based apps that require you to, and show a “Enable Google Play Services” popup upon opening such apps, and even past that, the permissions need to be enabled for the app to be able to do anything with camera, mic, sensors and so on.

Source: I am the author of the well known non-root smartphone guide. https://lemmy.ml/post/128667

Nonsense and FUD. Google Services is unable to bypass the permission system in Android, just like any other package. GrapheneOS is a fork of AOSP and is no different than AOSP custom ROMs in its core framework.

There was one in this thread, probably comment removed or banned. They wrote “gnu+cancer”

uBlock Origin’s easy mode does not break any website. uBO Lite for Chrome based browsers on basic protection works in same way.

Trojanized Free Download Manager found to contain a Linux backdoor (FDM's response in post text below) [Securelist]
From https://www.freedownloadmanager.org/blog/?p=664: > It appears that a specific web page on our site was compromised by a Ukrainian hacker group, exploiting it to distribute malicious software. Only a small subset of users, specifically those who attempted to download FDM for Linux between 2020 and 2022, were potentially exposed. It’s estimated that much less than 0.1% of our visitors might have encountered this issue. This limited scope is probably why the issue remained undetected until now. Intriguingly, this vulnerability was unknowingly resolved during a routine site update in 2022.

Russians are Asians and, therefore, lack “humanity” that Ukrainians purportedly possess – head Ukrainian security chief
Confirmed evidence: https://twitter.com/Sprinter99800/status/1687461201565868032 https://twitter.com/MyLordBebo/status/1687774154844446720

Firefox 115 can silently remotely disable my extension on any site [Jeff Johnson's blog]
I stan Firefox but I am scared about this to the point not much discussion exists on this.

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Energized GitHub has been unmaintained since few months, and is showing 404 error on HOSTS files. Here is a copy of Energized Ultimate HOSTS file, and alternative HOSTS ruleset providers to consider.
cross-posted from: https://lemmy.ml/post/830873 > The HOSTS ruleset has been not maintained for a while, and that is not very helpful. This is a copy of Energized Ultimate from April 2022 that I am still using just fine. https://www21.zippyshare.com/v/qRxZ0lp9/file.html > > The various lists that Energized project used in combination can still be referenced. https://i.imgur.com/yZRDVAl.jpg > > I think **1Hosts PRO** is a good replacement, but try Lite or Pro whichever you prefer. https://github.com/badmojr/1Hosts You may try combining other HOSTS lists with this if you want to, and are technically adept enough. > > Another good option is **AdAway**, but you might need to combine other lists with it to have competent blocking compared to Energized. > > You also need to reference, download and merge spam and phishing lists manually if you want extra protection, unless you want to rely solely on DNS providers. I prefer having both HOSTS ruleset systemwide and a DNS provider, then whatever network firewalling/tunnelling is needed.

The authors of node-ipc have pushed malware in an update, which wipes your disk if you happen to have Russian or Belorussian IP address. This affects some large projects [@bantg, Twitter]
Relevant reading: https://github.com/zlw9991/node-ipc-dependencies-list https://web.archive.org/web/20220318095406/https://github.com/RIAEvangelist/peacenotwar/issues/45 https://security.snyk.io/vuln/SNYK-JS-NODEIPC-2426370