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I’m not going to defend Tesla as a company (I admire it as a good EV manufacturer, no matter FSD) but that’s a hidden rule in most companies at all management and employees levels

The nine hours in which Spain made the 100% renewable dream a reality
*In the latter case, that of rooftop solar panels, the impact is twofold: they add supply by injecting their surpluses into the grid and reduce demand when there is sunshine.*

How to Build a Custom Knowledge ChatGPT Clone in 5 Minutes
We should start an AI channel on lemmy

Let’s see, if international competion begins, we might see cheaper prices and new models coming from manufactures outside China.

Check aliexpress, eBay, wherever you can

Why used? You can almost get a new macmini for that price, a new mini pc is like 150

Bio fuels data show that they’re not a solution. Ask gpt how much land you need to grow enough plants to produce the bio-fuel needed to replace the quantity of gasoline+diesel which is consumed by your country.

Well, mycroft costs 400€, with 400€ you could even get an i5/ryzen5 so plenty of hw to choose from for that price target.

I hear people install llama on rpi4

Its LCOE would probably let us forget it forever. Just think about this: I bet you hear more rumors about non-existant fusion nuclear plants than about olkilioto. Let’s focus on renewables.

Hey Mycroft, Talk to ChatGPT
"Hey Neon, Talk to ChatGPT" - Mark II Voice Assistant - Update May 2023 **New** Neon AI Voice Assistant Update For Your Mycroft Mark II Includes Pre-Release ChatGPT Skills! [Neon AI]( has released the latest Neon AI Voice Assistant for the Mycroft Mark II (and other platforms) which enables Neon AI users to converse with ChatGPT, simply by saying "Hey Neon, I want to talk to ChatGPT". To get started, tell your Mycroft Mark II device: 1. "Hey Neon, enable pre-release updates" 2. "Hey Neon, check for updates" and "Yes" to update 3. "Hey Neon, update configuration" 4. Once it's finished updating, you'll be able to say "Hey Neon, talk to ChatGPT" [Neon AI is the most advanced Open Source conversational personal assistant.]( The Neon AI private voice assistant now responds to hundreds of natural language commands (see below). **Upgrade Offer - Serious Storage! Free to Mark II Community Member Contributors** Mark II’s have their best performance with an add-on 256GB SSD memory. Visit the Neon []( shop and use coupon code " MycroftRedditReader " to pre-order one for the discount price of $29 with free shipping\*. Active community contributors can receive one for free - email me for a code \~[Clary]( \*Limited offer. Orders will be mailed out in about 4 weeks. [\\"The speed increase of running Neon AI OS off the SSD instead of a USB stick is immediately noticeable.\\" \~Mike S.]( **Hints** * "Hey Neon, Increase the volume" * Change the homescreen wallpaper in the system menu. Swipe down for the menu, choose Settings → Display → Wallpaper Settings * "Hey Neon, Talk to me faster" * "Hey Neon, Change my units to metric" * To leave the pre-release updates track, say: “Hey Neon, Enable stable update”. * "Hey Neon, Create a support ticket" to generate and email a log of recent activity. * If you need to, you can say: “Hey Neon, Restart" **Resources** **\***[Quick Reference]( & [Quick Start]( guides. \*GitHub documentation at: []( \*Advanced Neon developer updates are posted on [our GitHub Discussions page]( Please visit our [Matrix]( community to continue the conversation and read more about the Neon OS. Wishing you success with your private personal digital assistant, Clary Gasper Neon AI Projects [Clary@Neon.AI](mailto:Clary@Neon.AI) ==================================== **Community Collaboration** Community Testers wanted: Visit the new [Matrix]( chat room for testing requests. Developers working on advanced skills for the Neon OS will benefit from your testing and commenting on new features before release. To run advanced versions you can say: “Hey Neon, Enable pre-release updates”. Community Developers wanted: Bounties available for skills, applications and documentation development. The Neon AI team is available to assist community developers. Contact with your ideas and suggestions. ==================================== **Need a Mark II?** We've confirmed this morning with Michael Lewis that MycroftAI is still fulfilling all the orders placed \[here on their website\]( He'll be updating the order page soon, and you can also order one from us \[here on Square\]([]( **We welcome proposals from content creators, reviewers, and developers for projects that you would like to take on with a Mark II as a "bounty" from us.**

You know we live in the west, we’re rich by default and we can afford anything we want (but it’s actually a poor world) #sarcasm

Nuclear power helps bring down electricity prices by 75% in Finland
This plant caused the French company who helped building it, to go bankrupt. Gen 3 nuclear plants looks very expensive to build then. However these kind of plants do not produce any side-product which is good for producing bombs or other radioactive weapon. They have no military support then (and maybe neither government?), compared to gen 2. [](

Chat GPT Plasmoid
This would be nice if connected to a vicuna model offline. It's already possible to use webcpu for a local stable diffusion via browser, so...

98℅ of all internet traffic will come from AI in 2024

The idea to install them in a vertical position (on the facades of buildings for example) is to take into consideration: it must start to be atrending topic

There are plenty of alternatives, just “get ready” for it.

[]( [](

AzureAD support for Ubuntu

Mango Pi MQ-Pro RISC-V SBC @ 22€
[A written review](

Try sketch or search YouTube for a course of android programing (search for kotlin for beginners).

You might better check open fydeos then. I’m not saying ChromeOS is the ultimate distro but it’s very refined and with a strong commercial support for standard users. You can see it like a trojan horse.

We should see if she was interviewed about this topic and check if she doesn’t lie

Like Italy (but we’re a special human species) where we are still paying billions to keep running (while dismantling them at the same time) our power plants which never produced a single kWh