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I’m afraid it’s a common synonym for slave for many people. It’s not always a question of racism, it’s a question of analogy. Noone would think of it as something happening today, you go back to those days with your mind. It’s like you say “you’re sadist like an inquisitor”. That does not mean all religious people todays are disgusting people. English and american people feel probably more guilty using that word cause it’s in their recent history compared to Europe where it happened during ancient history.

That’s an old rant: woukd you trust US services after the NSA scandal? All govs are s**t today

You know nobody considers Denmark (or any other northern European countries) as a sample that can be imitated by the rest of the world. We have super politicians who think about flying cars, they’re projected into the impossible future

It looks like you’re 100% right, according to a fact check.

In my opinion lemmy should offer an automatic fact check about what people write in their posts

A continuous issue which is perfect for us to keep them poor and steal their resources. We’re great at that

The west is unable to deal with such extreme events, and you’re saying they could actually have been better than us? I’ve no idea how lybia actually is, but I can judge those events. It happened to me this summer, nothing so dangerous or extreme but I’ve never seen anything like that before. And I’ve seen a lot of sunsets in my life.

Different houses, different living standards. You could end up saying their poorer conditions lead to this catastrophe, but dams woukd have probably failed anyway, in one way or another one. If any nation could become easily rich thanks to a government change, it would have happens yesterday. Those nations are destroyed in a century and partially rebuilt the following century. You know who usually decides

If you compare it with recent flood in the Italian region Emilia Romagna, maybe there is little you can do with too heavy rain, you can’t just blame governments.

I’m using h2ogpt with falcon and vicuna. They’re quite good

Do we have any llama apk/deb/flatpack/appimage where you just choose the llm to use?

Can anybody summarize it? Chinese is developing challenging chipsets despite all possible bans?

Cause it offers onedrive too. With latest wine it could replicate and replace win for real

It looks like a joke, but it’s actually scaring

Germany had huge issues with nuclear wastes but choosing coal over nuclear was very odd in terms of co2. Let’s see what the can achieve with renewables for 2025: for sure they’re not like Portugal, less cost compared to inland, and less sun and organicsmaps apps are great too to edit osm. You can also replace google maps and its navigator which is great because if you don’t find something on, you can immediately add it.

Check this distro in a VM first

The nine hours in which Spain made the 100% renewable dream a reality
*In the latter case, that of rooftop solar panels, the impact is twofold: they add supply by injecting their surpluses into the grid and reduce demand when there is sunshine.*

How to Build a Custom Knowledge ChatGPT Clone in 5 Minutes
We should start an AI channel on lemmy

Hey Mycroft, Talk to ChatGPT
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Nuclear power helps bring down electricity prices by 75% in Finland
This plant caused the French company who helped building it, to go bankrupt. Gen 3 nuclear plants looks very expensive to build then. However these kind of plants do not produce any side-product which is good for producing bombs or other radioactive weapon. They have no military support then (and maybe neither government?), compared to gen 2. [](

Chat GPT Plasmoid
This would be nice if connected to a vicuna model offline. It's already possible to use webcpu for a local stable diffusion via browser, so...

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